What is the Difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil

Im tryin to figure out if I should purchase this stuff. Its spectrum brand, I had the virgin coconut oil but im almost out and the whole foods is faaar from my house. The krogers right by me has the regular spectrum organic coconut oil but it doesnt say virgin. Im not sure if it will do the same and have the same effect or not?
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From my experience:

Refined coconut oil left my hair hard and straw-like. It also has no smell.

Virgin coconut oil made my hair feel soft and absorbed wayyy better. It has a nice (not overwhelming at all) coconut smell to it. It also felt "softer" to me when rubbing it between my fingers.
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Be careful about coconut oil. Someone sent me some in a swap--it wasn't marked and left my hair a mess. It's a brand I see in my local Indian market. I'd only use virgin coconut oil that I got from a health food type store--the type that smells like a Mounds bar, LOL. I buy my online--there are lots of places and good prices.
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REAL coconut oil will say it on the label (extra virgin, raw, unrefined) and it will smell like COCONUTS! It also melts within seconds of rubbing it on your hands.
Refined stuff will not smell like anything and it SHOULD say refined-however some wont say anything- STAY AWAY FROM THOSE. It also has a harder texture.
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I've never really used oils on my hair, but im always looking for a good way to D-Frizz and make my hair softer

HOW do you USE it?!
HOW often can you USE it?
and HOW do you get it out?


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