Sumbody please help me with my dry crown...

I am still farely new to being a naturally curly. I don't really have a regimen yet due to still experimenting with different products...However, it seems as though my hair likes Suave naturals coconut cond and Long Aid Curl Activator Gel for dry hair so far. But my hair is like a desert in the crown area and I don't know why. It seems as if it is a different texture than the rest of my hair....It hasn't always been like that either...any suggestions are deeply appreciated..cause I don't want to go back to being relaxed. Thanks for your time
Are you looking to try more natural products?
Here is a link to threads on crown hair entitled "Ucooperative Crown Care/Hair":
Most people have crown hair that is of a different texture or drier than the rest of the hair. No worries.
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Routine: Cleanse Kenra Clarifying, Deep Co with Matrix Biolage Balm + oil (EVOO, avocado, KCPP or Wild Growth oil),Style with Matrix Biolage Balm + KCPP; or Aloe water + KCPP + KCCC; or CR Almond Jai + styler (KCCC, KCPP or Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Treluxe combo (Treluxe UK leave-in, KCPP, Treluxe Hi Def gel); or Eco gel alone (Argan or Olive). Avoiding Buildup with low glycerin, coconut, shea, honey, non-keratin protein.
If your crown is dry, try concentrating on your scalp in that area. What are you doing to moisture your scalp? Topical products are great for the shaft etc. but you need a healthy scalp also.
Try applying olive oil to your scalp and your hair.

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