All-natural detangler?

This is for my little girls, who aren't curly, but need detangler spray to make combing hair bearable. Since I've started my CG routine and looking at labels, it's making me cringe that I'm putting icky stuff on their hair too.

Does anyone have any recs for an all-natural detangler to buy or to make?

I found one and I'm about to make it. I had to order some of the ingredients so I'll let you know how it goes.

Water, Glycerin, Raw Honey, Coconut Butter, Coconut Milk and Comfrey Root.

I had to order the Glycerin because I want a good quality cosmetic-grade vegetable Glycerin and I had to order the Comfrey. The rest I can get at the local grocery.

I have quite long hair - nearly waist length when its wet - so I think I'll be a good guinea pig for your daughter If it works on my hair, it should work for most anyone.


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I use a cheap 'natural' conditioner like trader joe's or whole foods 365.

Get up to $10 off your first order at Use discount code: CAR231.

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I use Afro Detangler (all natural), and it works wonders for me! I use it on dry and damp hair and the comb glides through my hair without a snag!
Jane Carter has an all natural leave in that is SUPER for detangling, you can buy it at vitamine shoppe and a few other place as well as on line, its $7.99 for an 8oz bottle it last a while too.
I use Hoity Toity's Leave-in/detangler on my curly hair and my daughter's straight hair. This is by far the best leave-in/detangler I have ever used! It is not too heavy, not too light. My daughters hair is very long (tailbone length) and thick. When her hair is wet, it feels even thicker. This stuff is the only detangler that works for her. I love it! I get the botanical scent and it smells divine. Jan at Hoity Toity guarantees all her products and such a doll to do business with. Here is the link....

ETA: A bottle lasts us for several months.
$5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066
Mixing up a little bit of conditioner with water in a spray bottle makes a pretty good detangler. I usually go for between 1/7-1/10 conditioner and fill the rest up with bottled water, shake it, and you're good to go!
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