Has anyone made a hairgel recipe using pectin?

I was wondering, has anyone made a hairgel recipe using pectin........i notice in KCCC that they use pectin......seem like alot of people likes this gel.....i haven't gotten a chance to sample it yet. I know that they use marshmallow, agave, nettle etc. I'm jumping at the bits to try a new recipe.
Many have tried to duplicate, few have come close. I did buy no sugar pectin--didn't care for the results. It gets expensive to buy all of these things--and fail over and over, LOL!
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I was looking through forums for a gel that calls for marshmallow and I can accross your thread and I wanted to let you know that you can out fruit pectin in your hair jelly, I use half a 3oz bag of Certo Fruit Pectin with 2 cups of Water and 1/4 cup of Flax seeds, plus oils and EO. It works very well . Now I want to experiment with marshmallow root, still looking for the prefect blend.
Interesting. I wonder what in the recipe I used caused the pectin to gel, then, since it set up pretty nicely.

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