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Hi Ladies-
I have fine 3c hair, ( but fluffy). I noticed when I detangle with a wide tooth comb, the comb doesn't catch all my fine curls, so when I style I end up with little pockets of hair bunched at mid length. I started using a brush instead, and it seems to work better.

I know a lot of curlies don't use brushes, but do you think this method is "ok" for fine hair curlies? thanks
If you can get a brush through your hair without ripping it out I wouldn't worry. Brushing with a boar's hair brush is very good for the scalp.
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My hair is 3b/3c. It's thin and fine. I only comb my hair when wet. I'm currently using a wide-tooth comb only for this, but thinking of getting a fine-tooth comb; I have concerns that I may be missing some possible tangles in the clumps I get with the wide tooth comb.

I threw out my brush shortly after starting CG several years ago and don't miss it -- so I don't brush when wet or dry. I would not use a BBB on wet hair; in my case it would shred my hair and I'd have major breakage and frizz.
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I stopped brushing in August- I've only brushed a couple of times since then. I use one of those large square paddle brushes and I never had problems with breakage that I knew of, but then I was using silicone serum like crazy. I'm more careful now but I can still brush it if I'm careful, and when my hair is wet and detangled I can use it to get clumps.
If you want to use a brush, get one as large as possible, and get one with the rubber tipped bristles. Start brushing at the end of your hair and work upwards. If you start at the scalp you will get nasty tangles and probably breakage. Brush it dry, don't try to use a brush to detangle when wet. I used to have waist length hair and this always worked well for me.
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My hairdresser convinced me to try Bedheads masterpeice ouchless brush, being more flexable than a widetooth comb,or pick.My hair is blonde, and see-thru fine, but I lose far less, shedding/ breakage, using this brush. Its a big, oval shaped,type with rubber tipped brisles, but, no little holes,or places to get caught on, at base of bristle, genius, I sometimes use it to brush out wet hair first ,before fine-combing FSG, thru,and dry before co-washing, preventing far less shedding/breakage in shower. Works for me, and they are only 9.99.
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Thanks Ladies! I actually cut back on the brush( paddle brush), I only use it after I've shampooed or DT, but I comb first. The rest of the week is a wide tooth comb, and its looking much better.

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