Natural product for 3b hair?

I'm looking to transition to natural-only haircare, but I haven't found any smoothing/curl-enhancing styling products that aren't flat-out gel.

I'm used to using Pantene Pro-V Smoothing Liser and Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Smoothing Creme (I started using this when the smoothing liser stopped being sold). I love the soft, non-crunchy curls I get from the product, but I hate using chemicals on my body.

Any suggestions??? I would also love some advice on what to use for shampoo/conditioner... Burt's Bees is my fave product line, but it would be so much cheaper to use something I have at home! (Note that I have to wash my hair every day for it too look presentable).

Good Question! I am a 3c/4a and I am trying to do the same thing.
4a color-treated, coarse texture, low porosity
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Co wash:GVP The Detangler
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Styling: Clear and Olive Oil Eco Styling Gel, Morrocan Oil
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Big hair here I come!

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