"What's Wrong with Twists Puffing Up?"

I recently became engaged in a conversion with a lady who was trying, again, to go natural. The conversation began with her complimenting my four-day-old twists. She said that this time, she wanted to go natural because she spoke with some ladies who told her that once you go natural and get your hair to a certain length, you can straighten it again. I responded, "Oh."

I knew where this conversation was going, and tried to get away. But before I could, she asked, "How do I keep my twists from puffing up?". I responded, "what's wrong with twists puffing up?" She looked surprised; I then began to inform her about the nature and beauty of afro-textured hair, including shrinkage (puffing up). I don't think I convinced her, nor was I rude to her. I think I was the first person who did appreciate shrinkage.

I know I shouldn't have let her get to me, but the one dictum I hear from ladies concerning natural afro-textured hair is shrinkage. It's a beautiful asset once you understand it. I love the fullness and volume that it displays, and I love the bounce and density as well. I love how I can use water for a different look (shrinkage) and smile when people ask me, "Did I cut my hair?" It's a wonderful opportunity for me to communicate to them about afro-textured hair.
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Her mentality is still straight/relaxed. If she decides to be natural maybe she'll embrace all that comes with it, shrinkage and all. Time will tell.
I'm glad you took the time to show her a different perspective.

The funny thing is most naturals feel the same way she does. Every hair board, including this one, has many many threads on decreasing shrinkage, getting rid of shrinkage, or somehow "fixing" shrinkage.

I think most people don't like it...so it's good you let her know someone does.

There's nothing wrong with twists puffing up...roots included. That's what my hair does. I don't fight puf***e or shrinkage.

Plus, my hair texture is predominately fine, but dense. So "puf***e" helps my twists look fatter.

LOL...is that a bad word?

Let me try again...puff-age.
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Plus, my hair texture is predominately fine, but dense. So "puf***e" helps my twists look fatter.

LOL...is that a bad word?
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