Another thread about hard vs. soft water--please more info!

Hey! So I was looking on another thread about this, and needed more information!

When you say "soft" do you mean lower water pressure--or filtered water, and if so, do you get filtered water, put it in a cup, and pour it on your head on something?

I'm a 2A, and am trying to do as much as possible to increase the curl, so anything that can help at all I'm doing, and I think high water pressure might be pulling out the curl--do you agree?

Thank you so much!!!!
Hard water is water with a lot of calcium and other mineral deposits in it. Many (if not most) places in the US have hard water. Those mineral deposits can build up on hair and can prevent shampoos, other cleansers, and conditioners from rinsing out completely. Because of that, hard water can contribute to dry skin and hair, and the buildup can cause hair to become limp or frizzy.

Water filters don't remove the mineral deposits that make water hard. Only water softeners do that. Some people use distilled water on their hair because there are no mineral deposits in it. I have a water softener built in to the main water line of my house because my skin, hair, and scalp can't abide hard water.

I don't know if water pressure can remove curl. Hopefully someone else can help you with that.
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I personally don't think water pressure matters, but I absolutely believe that what's in the water does! Maybe a low-poo will help?

Also, as a fellow 2a, it doesn't matter what I do, I'm NOT going to have super tight curls. Oh, there's the occasional random tighter 3a curl here and there, but as an I'm a 2a.
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