Witch Hazel as hair spray?

I heard that witch hazel (the normal astringent you get for .97 cents at the drug store) makes a good hair spra. As in, putting it in a spray bottle and spraying it on your hair.

If that's true, I'd like to try it. Since going CG in October of 09, I haven't been using hairspray, because in area, all the ones for sale, in my price range, have cones. But is witch hazel bad for your hair and CG? I am not worried about the alcohol content so much as I am ingredients that won't come out with conditioner/water.

What do you know about this method?
I don't know how witch hazel might work as a hair spray, but since it is an astringent, I'd be careful because it may dry out hair. I know it's found in a number of shampoos, since it has cleansing properties. However, if dryness isn't an issue for you, and if you can stand the smell of witch hazel (I love it, but a lot of people don't) then I would definitely give it a try!

I know the Dickinson's brand of Witch Hazel has a 100% natural version which consists only of witch hazel & alcohol, so it is CG.

If you try it out, let us know how it works!
I have never used witch hazel as hairspray but I can tell you my grandma swore by it for her skin and would pop a little bit on some cotton woll and dab onto any blemishes. She didnt have a single wrinkle to day she died. No crows feet, laughter lines...nothing!!!

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