HI everyone,

Today we're announcing an exciting change in CurlTalk leadership.

Evelyn Ngugi (atx_eve) will be taking over from me as the chief CurlTalk administrator and Community Manager. You may know her from her many posts and videos that she's contributed to NaturallyCurly.com for many years, starting when she was an intern many years ago. TextureMedia has now hired her full time, and one of her roles will be that of Community Manager.

The process of changing from me to Evelyn will take a few weeks, and you'll see both of us online during that time as she learns the ropes. Then, at some point in January, I'll say farewell, leaving you in Evelyn's very capable hands. I had nothing but respect for Evelyn during the time I worked with her a few years back, and am sure she is the same smart, talented, funny person she was then.

Please make her feel welcome!
NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

You are beautiful!