New Garnier Conditioner - Free of Silicones and Parabens!

Hey there aussie curlies,

Just wanted to let you know that yesterday I was browsing around safeway and I came across this conditioner from Garnier that is practically free of silicones, parabens and proteins! yay!! It says that it's for normal to fine hair so I'm not sure if it's too thin for a rinse out...but I'll give it a go tonight and report back!
Opps, I forgot to add what the actual product was called

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Conditioner - Volume Restructure
Oh cool! Are you using it as a co-wash or what?
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Well I tried this as a leave in yesterday and I didn't really like it... My hair is quite tangly and hard which I believe is because of this conditioner since I only used this and some FOTE gel.

The conditioner contains alot of plant extracts which is protein so I'm guessing that is the culprit. My hair does like protein in small quantities so I guess this conditioner is a no go for me but would probably suit someone who isnt protein sensitive like me...
I've used this. I use it as a rinse out and rotate it as it's pretty light. Nearly finished the bottle. The triple nutrition (it has a different name though here) also by garnier is silicone free. It is thicker and heavier imo.
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