Found a good lowpoo

Hi guy's

Dunno if any of you have tried this stuff but I got some yesterday and tried it.

It is a lowpoo called Organic Care Dry Moist by Natures Organics, You can get it anywhere and it's really cheap. I always see it on special in woolies for $2.99 for a 400ml bottle (sometimes even 2 for $4)

It foams really well and smells really nice - Banana/fruity -No Sles, Sls, Ales, Als - No Parabens or Petrochemical cleansers

The conditioner does have 'cones in it though - so give it a miss if you aren't using them.

Here it is

I have the Chai Milk handwash too and it is really good also
3A/B - m - ii - porous

Located in Sydney Australia
Whoops false alarm for you 'cone free girls - the shampoo has dimethicone in it too LOL
(still yay for me- I don't mind a little bit of 'cones)

LOL Sorry
3A/B - m - ii - porous

Located in Sydney Australia
Lol, I was wondering how I missed that brand before you corrected yourself. I must have read the back of every shampoo and conditioner bottle in coles.

The one I use is from coles; avado baby shampoo. It forms up surprisingly and is not harsh at all - in fact I might need something a little stronger for my fine, 2something hair. It even has lots of nice oils like jojoba. According to there site you can get the adult version in some health food stores, so I might try that next.
I just checked out the Avado website - thanks !!

You can buy direct from the site too - pretty cool
3A/B - m - ii - porous

Located in Sydney Australia
ooh - but I am not allowed to buy anything more for at least awhile. hehe. *Sigh*
2 something Australian

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