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Hey there,

Well I've been CG for about a month now and for a rinse out I've been using Matrix's conditioning balm but I've been wanting to try something different because it tends to weigh my hair sometimes. My hair went quite crazy a few weeks ago because I realized that my hair doesn't like too much protein. So I've been searching for a protein free conditioner/ silicone free but I can't seem to find another one! Any help would be most appreciated

Thanks curlies!
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Have a look at Biolage's delicate care conditioner. It is new. It is lighter than the conditioning balm.
Thanks for the suggestion Feralcurls but I haven't read that much positive reviews on it.

What products do you currently use, if you dont mind me asking?
Modified CG
3a/3b/2c mix
Aussie Curly!
casey jane - I did a quick search on the product reviews and came up with MOP - mixed greens conditioner.

I also did a quick search on here and found this thread
of course all aren't available here but gives you a starting point. There was quiet a few different threads on protein free conditioners.

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I rotate products pretty much daily (to stop allergy issues). Currently I do have the Biolage Delicate Care on the go, I don't find it heavy enough for me. Am also using Nature's Gate, David Babaii, Australia Nourish and KMS.
Juuce Smooth As Conditioner is silicone, protein and paraben free.

Smooths hair down wonderfully.
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my hair hates protein as well, turns really frizzy after using it.

a costly mistake to discover when i'd just bought protein treatments and conditioners!

atm im using natures gate aloe vera moisturising conditioner, no protein, i find it pretty good.

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