G'day from a Brisbane curly guy!

Just a quick hello to other Aussie curlies! I have been a naturallycurly.com member for about two weeks now. A few of you I have heard from already: curlywurlygurly, Mummy McLovin, Starmie. I would love to hear from other Aussies as well!

Now using PPS softer wax mixed with Redken All Soft Heavy Cream treatment as a leave-in. Have found that pomade is no longer working now that Winter is here! I cannot use gel in my hair, which is ashame because it would be much cheaper.

All the best!


Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male - straight
Hair type: 3b - long, natural redhead and proud of it!
Cleanse: mop c-system clean shampoo - sulphate free (once a week)
Condition: mop mixed greens moisture conditioner
Leave-in: Joico leave-in detangler
Styling: PPS softer wax mixed with Redken All Soft Heavy Cream as a leave-in
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 15,529
I'm not an Aussie, but I couldn't resist saying hello to anyone who uses "G'day."

Glad to have you on the site
Welcome to the boards
Fine and thin 2C in Australia
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 15,529
Amda, I love your avatar. It's the cutest.

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