New to curly girl - living in Australia - eek help!

like I said in the other post... longest layer (thingy) is well below shoulder but my shortest is just below my nose/ at my mouth (pieces around my face - fringe??)
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
glad I found this thread! I'm (ok family coming too lol) due to emigrate to Australia in about 1.5 Sunshine Coast. LOL.

Not trying to threadjack but it's the same topic- I've been using TIGI Manic Moisture for about 3 years now. I have tried other types but always go back to this. Am I going to be able to find this and where?

Can't remember what type of curl I have lol, it's got a 3-4 inch spring back.Guess I'd better go check it all out again, it's been a while lol
Hi Snowgoose and welcome! Tigi is available in a chain of hair supply stores called Hair Warehouse.
Hey Snowgoose,

I found Tigi in Price Attack up here on the sunshine coast. It was cheaper than in Hairhouse Warehouse too thats where I just got mine from. I love it.. although I'm not 100% sold on the smell lol.

I live on the Sunshine Coast too, where about's are you going to be living? It's amazing up here Where are you emigrating from?

3a/bii hair... medium texture, medium porosity.

Lo-Poo= Sukin - once a week
Treseme naturals conditioner
Conditioner = Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac
Curl Cream = NAK Kurls styling creme
Styling Product = Joico Joiwhip mousse

Loving plopping, super soaking and pixicurl diffusing at the mo.

Experimenting with Aloe Vera Gel (looving it) Coconut oil and KY

After years of straightening... I am ditching the straighteners and embracing the curl!
Hi, we're coming from York, UK. I kind of like the smell MM has..but that could be cos it's the only thing I've found that I like. Have yet to see if it works in humidity lol.
using : a varied assortment till I work out what the heck is going on
scrunch or plop with old t shirt
Garnier endurance hold gel

Mop clean system- hair feels stripped after using it. Anyone want it? then I can justify getting something different.

4 kids, 1 husband, emigrated to Australia -filling in forms, buying a house, sorting out school...and trying to track down hair products

= no time
welcome snowgoose! good luck with the move
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Nikkyd_84... I am also on the Sunshine Coast and just starting my curly journey. I have been reading this thread and getting confused... but would really love your advice...either here or some other way! Maybe I can learn from your journey!

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