New to curly girl - living in Australia - eek help!

Hey guys,

I'm from the UK but have been living in Australia for nearly 2 years now. I love it here, I'm living up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, it really is heaven, I certainly don't miss rainy ole England.

Any way... I want to start curly girl but I have no idea what products to get. I went into price line earlier stood in front of the shelves for about 30 mins, then walked out without buying anything. Shop assistants kept trying to help me but they really didn't have a clue lol - but then again neither did I.

I want to get a conditioner for co-wash, and I think I need one for the conditioning too (if ive read the info on this site right)

I also need a leave in conditioner - which I need to detangle my mess of curls

And an actual styling cream or gel (everyone talks about using gels on this site.. when I think of gels I think of 14 year old boys with slicked back wet look hair) I am currently using Nak Kurl creme. I was recommended it by a fellow curly mop head in Price attack.

Any thing else i need to get?

Thanks in advance for any help!!
welcome always nice to have a fellow aussie aboard :P

if you wouldn't mind gives us a little more info about your hair... so we can try help out more specifically. How curly are you? density? porosity? do you colour? A lot of CG is about finding what works for you.

here's some general ideas... pretty much to start out and experiment you 'need';
co-washing (doesn't work for everyone but definately if you want give it a try); go for something on the cheap side that is thinner (i prefer thinner as it's easier to manipulate). Brands like pears, the new tresemme naturals, aldi 5 star condish (think that's what it's called)

a nice thick conditioner as your rinse out. Cheaper options are; garnier fructis the name of them has escaped me but there is two new silicone free conditioners, they are in darker green bottles and are labelled silicone free. The one with three oils (triple nutrition in USA) is heavier, where the volume one (??) is a little lighter. Priceline had the big sizes in these on sale when I was last in approx $5?? Priceline also stocks natures gate, I've tried a few of their conditioners and I don't mind them. Just be careful as some do contains cones. They are more at your $10-15 mark but they tend to have deals like buy one get one free (so i stock up then). Your local health food store is likely to stock a few viable options in the $10-15 range too. For more expensive ones a trip to HHWH or priceattack (or the like) I really like the biolage conditioning balm (very thick and moisturizing), mop do some good conditioners. You want something that will give you slip and help to detangle (it's a good investment to get a wide tooth comb, only a few dollars at priceline or even the supermarket)
for leave in you can get away with adding a little bit extra rinse out condish after wash to save on buying an extra product until you know what your hair likes

depending on how you go with co-washing, so of us need a low poo. Basically it's a sulphate free shampoo. There's millions out there brands I've tried and like include; mastey, nature's gate (asian pear was fav!), MOP also do some. Just be sure to check there's not cones in it.

gel is the 'traditional' styling of cg, but everyone is different and likes different looks and finishes. You can use gel, mousse, puddings, curl creams.. or even a mixture. I'm not a huge fan of any of the aussie styling products i've tried but I know lots of the aussie curlies rave about a joico curl mousse (may wanna check the name). If you wanna try gel for a cheap, cone free one to start so you can figure out if you like it or not.

Also if you want the option of using your hairdryer go and invest in a diffuser. I believe the bowl ones are best (don't hold me to this.. no expert on diffusers)

When you start out your hair may require a LOTS of conditioning, but don't freak out too much. Once your hair gets healthier it tends to require less moisture/conditioner. You can also experiment (start with using your regular conditioner and if you need or want adding extra things like honey) and doing deep treatments etc. Once you've start to get an idea about what your hair likes, needs etc as well as ur hair settling into a 'pattern' you can experiment with the level of protein and moisture your hair needs.

hmmm... i think that's a good basis. Definitely get back to us on what your hair characteristics are so we can better suggest products for you. Another helpful thing to do is, find someone with hair like yours and stalk them - ie find out what works for them and try similar things. Hard thing is US curlies have a larger range and you may not be able to get all products here.

good luck.
let me know if you have any more questions.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Wow - that was so helpful! thanks for taking the time to write out that much info!

Ok my hair type..
I think I'm in between a 3a and 3b (my curls don't seem as big and bouncy as the 3a pic, but they are not as tight at the 3b example pic)

Texture wise I think I have medium hair. From the descriptions on the Live Curly Live free Blog, i seem to fit into this one the most.

Porosity - I think I am in between average to high porosity. My hair isn't overly processed from chemicals, but I have been straightening it up to 2 times a week for the last couple of years. I tend to get alot of split ends, and my hair breaks pretty easy.

I havn't done a permanent coulour for over two years, the most recent colour I have put on was about 6 months ago at it was a 6 week wash out (which my hairdresser advised me to do to make my hair glossy and smooth- and it did work, my hair felt lovely)

I don't know if this helps to explain my hair type, but hair dressers always say in the past my hair has taken to colour well, and it styles well. It's very easy to straighten, or to add curls with heat, and it holds really well - where as I have friends where i can curl their hair and it drops out in minutes.

I went to healthy life today to have a look at their range and the friendly shop assistant told me the following range's all have no sulphates or soidums...

David Babaii
Natural Alternative

The first two were about $25 a bottle - which is a bit more than i want to spend this early on while experimenting with products - I would happily buy them if i knew for certain they would suit my hair - but its an expensive risk.

Thanks again for your help, I've been asking a lot of questions on here as its crazy the amount of info to sift through on this site - and you really cleared some things up for me
Hi and welcome!

Have a look at my soooooo frustrated thread as it contains most of the products available here. Unfortunately we don't have a massive range.

David Babaii isn't CG btw as the condish contains silicones. Nice products though.

Nature's Gate is nice and could be used for both a co-wash and conditioner if your hair isn't too dry. So that might be a good place to start. You need the Organics range in the green or reddish bottles.

Styling products & leave-ins is were it gets tricky! Mop C Curl creme is available but is expensive. Joiwhip mouse is giving me good curl, better then any curl product I have used but is producty, so depends if you like a more natural look.

Leave-ins well very hard! I couldn't find any that I was happy with. You can try a bit of coconut oil or a bit of whatever conditioner you are using. The only conditioner I didn't mind as a leave-in was some of the L'Oreal Elvive masques. Am using the Repair one at the moment as a conditioner.

I gave up on total CG as I found it very frustrating to buy products here and I looveee buying hair stuff!

Good Luck!
you're more then welcome. It's very confusing on here sometimes... very overwhelming. People are very knowledgeable.

I have no real idea where i fit in the whole number typing thing. I'm a wavy for sure but my hair is different everyday. I just ignore that 'typing' a bit.

By the sounds of it your hair is pretty 'thirsty' I'd try uping the conditioning. You may wanna even try a protein treatment. Oh random thought... there is DIY (homemade) products you can dabble with, protein treatments and lots of people have had success with flaxseed gel (linseeds). There is a thread on here somewhere about homemade stuff also youtube is great for that as well as different styling techniques.

feralcurls - my gosh I have the urge to jump off the ban wagon so often. I own WAY to much hair products for my own good. I just miss the old days (in some ways.. don't miss oily roots and dry ends!) I just miss the simple, wash and condition and the occasional product. ATM i just hate styling my hair... haven't got use to styling it again yet. *sigh* needs a cut.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
nikkyd_84 - Welcome! Itís great to see another Queenslander join the online curly community. We are really spoilt as far as our beautiful weather goes compared to our southern counterparts . I know this because I was born and raised in rural Victoria.

Your comments about Priceline are interesting Ė to be honest with you I would also be lost if I went into one of their stores. I tend to shop at Price Attack or Price Cutters instead. They seem to have a bigger range from reasonably priced stuff to the higher priced imports if you donít mind paying the extra dough.

I still havenít read up on the CG method yet, although I understand you need a lot of patience to see positive results. However, I am happy to share with you the products that I am currently using.

Condition: My hair has a natural high porosity level, so I use MOP mixed greens moisture conditioner. It is a bit pricey though. I have heard that Tresemme is also good and considerably cheaper (and available at Priceline). Another tip is to rinse hair with cold water if you possibly can, as it helps to seal the hair cuticle.

Leave-in: Joico leave-in detangler spray - contains Hydrolysed Keratin and Dimethicone (water soluble so it should be safe for most curlies). The trick here is to carefully remove any excess water from hair, before spraying all over. My hair loves this stuff!

Styling: Redken Fresh Curls curl refiner cream. Carefully rake through hair with fingers (not a good idea to comb or brush at this stage, otherwise you lose most of the curl formation). I also use either pomade or PPS softer wax to seal the product in. However, from the details you provided I donít believe you would need to do this extra step.

I have tried the Nak product and found that it didnít work for me. However, everyone is different, so may be worth a go. Remember to keep up your treatments!

All the best.
__________________________________________________ _____________

Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male Ė straight (and single!)
Hair type: 3b - long, natural redhead and proud of it!
Cleanse: mop c-system clean shampoo - sulphate free (once a week)
Condition: mop mixed greens moisture conditioner
Leave-in: Joico leave-in detangler
Styling: PPS softer wax mixed with Redken Fresh Curls curl refiner cream as a leave-in
You guys are the best! Thanks for all the info - its great to have people from oz to talk to - so much easier than trying to get stuff from America.

Sooo last night I followed routine Wowohwow posted in the sticky on the newbie forum..
The baking soda, ACV, honey rinse etc etc...

And I have to say when it dried my hair was AMAZING! I had really good clumpage going on, and its lovely and soft.

It's the first time I haven't used shampoo and I cant really notice a difference, apart form my hair feeling lush!

My hair obviously has a long way to go, but if this is what it feels like after my first curly girl wash I'm soo happpy

I went into town today and scoured through price attack and hair house warehouse, and after hours of staring at the backs of products ended up buying the Joico Joiwhip Mouse (thanks feralcurls! [love your name BTW, i love the "feral" expression they use here in Oz, makes me laugh lots])

And I also bought the tigi bed head moisture conditioner which has been raved about on here.

I can't wait to start using them!

There was so much I wanted to buy - but just those 2 items set me back $50, so I think I will have to buy things one paycheck at a time lol.

I also bought the treseme natural conditioner (thanks Simply Red) for my co-wash from coles it was on special $8 for a litre - chuffed!

Oo do you guys use a silk or satin pilowcase to sleep on? If so where do I get one from - Target didn't help me out at all! do I need to go to a seedy adult shop? lol
I am using flanny sheets down here in freezing Melbourne!

Seedy shops for satin pillowcases? I think my most embarrassing CG moment was buying lube! The chemist sales assistant was most intrigued as to why I was reading the ingredients on all the lubes of lubricant!
Lube?!? what for... I guess I missed that thread lol.

Its funny... I feel cold here on the sunny coast in QLD, but its between 18-20 everyday... in the UK that would be cause for shorts and sunbathing!! Here I'm wrapped up to the max... Australia has made me soft!
I second the FREEZING in melbourne part...I even missed enjoying the sunshine we got today, had to work wonder I was in such a foul mood.

seedy adult shops...for satin pillow cases?? Spotlight has usually got a huge range, or just ask at your local Manchester shop. I've just switched back to satin.. took me forever to find pillow cases in satin for my beloved "u-pillow" or "tri-pillow" or "banana pillow" (the terms for it go on and on and on!) Hard enough to find cotton ones! I love my pillows too much to part with them! I find my hair tends to get less 'dirty' looking with satin, probably the only thing I notice. Plus they feel nice. I know alot of curlies use a silk or sating scarf and wrap around their hair at night. I'm too much of restless sleeper (most of the time) that it just falls off.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
When I think of satin pillow cases... i think of satin sheets too, which makes me think of movies with seedy hotel rooms and women by the hour lol...

Am I on my own with this one?! hehe...

Ooo spotlight.. theres one of them near my work, i'll tomorrow and check it out good tip!

Yeah... I'm a restless sleeper too. I've been pineappling my hair at nights, and its all over the place by the morning!
ooo curlywirlygirly.. when did you get a buzz cut?! (saw in your sig)
nikkyd_84 - Single and no girlfriend at the moment. I currently wear a hairnet to bed (also referred by Price Cutters as a slumber net; very diplomatic of them to say that!). It keeps my curls in check extremely well. Where can you buy satin pillowcases in Oz? And do they actually make any difference?

Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Male - straight
Hair type: 3b - long, natural redhead and proud of it!
Cleanse: mop c-system clean shampoo - sulphate free (once a week)
Condition: mop mixed greens moisture conditioner
Leave-in: Joico leave-in detangler
Styling: PPS softer wax mixed with Redken Fresh Curls curl refiner cream as a leave-in
nikky - so funny!!

umm... buzz cut, think it was last year, around june ish? I'm so bad with remembering things like that. I did it for "world's greatest shave"

red - what is price cutters...?? i'm intrigued are us southerners missing out on something?? suppose we do have petra (which *shakes fist* decided to stop stocking jessicurl!!!)

I think the satin pillow cases at spotlight are reasonably priced so you could give it a go and if you don't like it, you haven't lost much.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
curlywurlygurly - Price Cutters is a Queensland-only hairdressing retail chain, similar to the Australia-wide Price Attack. I remember sending payment to Petra in Melbourne for a Jessicurl product, and it was returned to me because they were out of stock and had only just discontinued that line. Never did get to try out their products - shame!

Thanks for the Spotlight tip. Will definitely check out the satin pillowcases tomorrow. Bit of a hike to get there though!

All the best.
red - I did find price cutters website but to my dismay, the don't have online shop. I had luck with the jessicurl range, maybe i am bias as it was the first cg products i got my hands on when I first started out... but i was in love with the too shea. I'd almost say it was hg conditioner for me - I went through two tubs of it, probably the only product I've actually bought again now that I think about it. It also was the range that introduced me to magnesium sulphate...which is a great curl enhancer for me (though I'm not sure my hair is as fond of it as it use to be - feeling on the dry side this week after two days styling with it. Still learning, *sigh*)
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
"Lube?!? what for... I guess I missed that thread lol."

Someone noticed that KY Jelly had the same ingredients as one of the popular, expensive curl products, can't remember which one, so some people use it instead of the expensive product. It is good for frizzing in humid weather.
Someone noticed that KY Jelly had the same ingredients as one of the popular, expensive curl products, can't remember which one, so some people use it instead of the expensive product. It is good for frizzing in humid weather.
Wow, thats awesome! I'm gonna get some for the ridiculously humid Sunshine Coast weather in a couple of month.

curlywurlygirly - do you have pics of your buzz cut? I looked of your fotki but couldnt see any.
I would actually love to be brave enough to just once cut my hair super super short, I knew this girl once who had the most amazing short curly hair, was soo funky.. But i know me, I get bored if i have my hair the same way three days in a row.. let alone not being able to do anything with it at all. And I'd hate the grow out! How are you finding yours? How curly is your hair? are you able to have it curly when its short now?

Red - Price Cutters is my favourite new shop lol. I need to get a hairnet from them! I didn't see one in there on the weekend when I was in there for about an hour looking at the back of every product in there.
I've uploaded on onto fotki for you, thought there was one there but couldn't find it :P
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

Last edited by curlywurlygurly; 07-26-2010 at 04:26 AM.
Curlywurlygirly - WOW! you were soo brave to buzz cut it. It looks awesome too! How long is it getting now?
3a/bii hair... medium texture, medium porosity.

Lo-Poo= Sukin - once a week
Treseme naturals conditioner
Conditioner = Tigi Bed Head Moisture Maniac
Curl Cream = NAK Kurls styling creme
Styling Product = Joico Joiwhip mousse

Loving plopping, super soaking and pixicurl diffusing at the mo.

Experimenting with Aloe Vera Gel (looving it) Coconut oil and KY

After years of straightening... I am ditching the straighteners and embracing the curl!

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