Hair refreshing using Oz products...

Sooo my biggest annoyance is the 2nd day hair.

I wake up with frizzy curls, which need defining, which are a bit of a tangled mess.

I have been experimenting with wetting hair then scrunching some Joico mousse in, or spraying a mix of conditioner and water in as a leave in to detangle...But as soon as it dries it just goes frizzy.

So I'm just wondering what you guys in oz do to refresh your curls the next day - products and techniques.

(I know there a loads of thread on NC for 2nd day hair.. but all the products are American, so I wanted to get advice here instead)

Not that I've done second day hair in ages, but I use to (hadn't perfected it) just scrunch in some extra water to reactivate the product in my hair. If I added more product it would go all yuck and productly. I did find a toner I was using way back in 08 something like "nu skin moisture mist" was a rather good refresher. Said on the bottle you could use all over. I'll try find the link

this is the link for the toner spray thing
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

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Now that my second day hair is back I am just spritzing with water and doing like a wet set twisty thing on individual curls with a bit of FSG on my hands. HTH

3a, low porosity, protein sensitive, medium texture (with random coarse strands), growing out a pixie cut

Located in Tasmania, Australia

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