How Crazy Would It Be To Have A Melbourne Meet Up?

Found out my sister is getting married just out of Melbourne so am driving down from Alice Springs in a fortnight (around the 9th September). How crazy would it be to have a meetup? I'm in if any one else is. A heap of Curly Girls together is bound to freak a few people out. Would love to exchange ideas ect with people who tackle/love/live with curls. Also have a heap of products which don't work for me and keen on swapping.
Anybody else in? I will even wear my hair out! CGs do it in the states all the time and they sound like a lot of fun. Just need some of the Melbourne CGs to pick somewhere central for lunch, dinner or even a pub that everyone is happy with.

I don't get to the computer all that often so don't think I have lost interest if you don't hear from me in a few days.
3c with a bit of 4a thrown in.
Sounds awesome.. I would love to. I'm meant to have class I beleive but I can always miss it.
Gosh do I have a hell of a lot of products to "Swap".. my girlfriends love it. I make up goody boxes and they can take what ever they want.

My one suggestion would be when finalizing when and where to meet PM each other or something else. There has been known times of stalking (scary)
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Aw, sounds like fun, but I'll be snowed under with practise exams by then
Hope it works out for the rest of you guys
Fine and thin 2C in Australia
that sucks adma.. you couldn't even pop in for half hour or so?? you're a good studious student.. where as me.. i just try to get out of the house at exam time.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
CurlyWurlyGirly = Legend

Excellent. Agree with PM totally. Maybe get an idea of RSVPs via main forum however work out the finer details through PMs. I have alot of products which are great except my hair hates them. I will bring the Denman Brush if anyone is interested. My hair revolted against it and it took about 45minutes to free myself from the bloody thing.

To be a pain I am changing the dates (come on Amda), might be more suitable. What is more important your education or CG education. Same thing when you think about it.

I am arriving on the 9th September. Making my way to outer Melbourne for wedding however work is giving me some time off for good behaviour so running away to Tassie ( 13th Sept) and back in Melbourne 20th -22nd. I am good for any time. Pub stop or lengthy meal you name it. Flexible with dates.

Come on you other CG's think about it. Have a look at the forums and checkout 'meetups'. Other CGs do it all the time. Sounds great. My hair is out of control and desperately need someone to steer me in the right direction. Feel free to bring along your partners, parents, bodyguards,dog if you feel like it sounds dodgey. It is going to be wicked. DESERTGIRL

Will be on and off the computer for the next 3 days.
After reading my confusing post I am going to be more specific with my dates and make a list of products. If there is anything everybody hates I won't bring it, will lighten the load. Will post an accurate list tomorrow after I itemise list of crappy products.

can't wait to hear the dates... I;m waiting to find out my exam timetable but i think the 20th is my swat vac week yay!.

I'm thinking i probably have some products your curls would love (bit too heavy for me.. but oh so yummy) i'll have to bring out my collection and figure out what I can bring along. So funny.. Least it'll stop me from going in and buying more products on the way (i'd be afraid someone will think i stole them all!)
exciting! more things to play with. *dances*
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Week of the 20th is probably best. I have to be back in Alice by the 24th/25th at this stage? Will get back to you tomorrow.
Majority of products are styling stuff (mouse, gel, treatments, intensive conditioners, leave ins, lush shampoo bar things ect) All good and I have read great reviews for other curlies however my hair has a violent frizz/knot reaction to them all.
Can not wait.
Wait until you see my haul... *looks arounds suspiciously* and considering I have given alot away already... my bf and mum shake their head when i get more stuff. I've just recently moved back home and mum and my brother laugh at the collection of items in my shower (ensuite), for me it's normal... gonna be interesting when i'm travelling later in the year.

oh desert if ur interested in getting hair done by lucy at cast let me know i have $20 off cards, that you (or anyone is welcome to - i don't mind if they don't get used or whatever but $20 off is helpful )
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Sorry for the delay had to head out bush. Back in town. My 'haul' is extensive I will just bring everything.

After going through all my crap have decided that I might have some kind of altered hair image. So many hair clips and accessories that were never ever going to hold my hair let alone get back out again. Will bring these also. Would suit a 2.

I am heading off for Melbourne early tomorrow so back on the computer Friday definitely.

Curly Wurly I will PM my mobile # to you, just in case. Thanks for the Lucy/Cast offer. Tempting however haven't had a haircut sice 1991! Shocker...Can't go into it too many bad memories. I just trim it myself.

Can't wait. Super excited. DESERTGIRL
awesome. I'll try upload my list by friday for you... so you can have a think what you would like me to bring. I'll include some stuff i'm happy to give samples of (stuff i like )
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
ok finally getting my haul list up.... most things I've used once or twice.. most are nearly full.

Stuff I didn't like../ didn't work for me
LOOB (l'oreal out of bed)
Root stimulator (??) lock and twist gel*
african's best setting lotion*
African royale braid spray*
some packs of braiding hair* (brand new!)
shoft sheen carson, lets jam reg. hold gel *
AO White camellia conditioner
fructis high resistance styling gel.

* = bought to do the braiding/twisting for a year challenge but I didn't last very long. My head itched like crazy and i got red bumps I did rock it while I was enjoying it!

Stuff i'm still experimenting with.. (let me know if u want samples of any of these!)
Mop c finishing pomade
mop c texture spray
fructis wavy mousse
fote (mainly use just for body cannot get it right for hair!)

Also I just got some samples from lovely kathy mack.. I have some soap bar samples as well. Mint ones (love to eat "mint" flavoured things, but the scent (esp. natural scent) makes me nauseous.

hope this was helpful.

ps. I was looking at this thinking it wasn't too bad..i.e. not too many products. Then I realized it's missing my everyday poo's and conditioners that are in my shower (cheap and readily available ones!)... bought me back to reality..soo many products!
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

Last edited by curlywurlygurly; 09-10-2010 at 06:47 AM. Reason: ETA: ps.
Matrix contouring cream
Bronze ripple pins

Hate, hair hates or really not sure yet
Lush coconut shampoo bars
Bedhead tigi foxy curls shampoo
unsilk detox
d frizz curl controller pps
sunsilk frizz control
Garnier fructis nutri repair shea butter ect
Taft spike gel
sunsilk super shiny conditioner
Bed Head TIGI (?) spray stuff
Fruit of the earth aloe vera stuff

Alot of them near full

Sorry with delay just got back fromwedding and very hungover. Farm party drizzled rain hair looked like crap. DESERTGIRL

ps. This isnt all of it having issues with locating things.
Hi Desertgirl
Hope you don't mind me posting this here, it wouldn't let me PM it to you as I rambled too much and went over the word limit!

I hope you traveled home safe, thanks for taking the time to catch up while you were down. Anywho I thought I'd comprise you a list of the products I gave you, so you can check out ingredients etc. Dw I have finished my assignment, I am treating myself and letting myself on here!

Aubrey organics
AO HSR (Honey suckle rose) - here
AO GPB (glycogen protein balance) - here
AO WC (white camellia) - here

The owners of the site are fantastic, service is also fantastic everything is sent express post and i think shipping is about $10. I got a hand written note and some free samples too. I emailed them when they had just opened the online store, WC conditioner wasn't available but the got me some especially. I explained to them about naturallycurly and curltalk and then even checked it out. They sent me a discount code to pass along to fellow aussies. From memory they are located in QLD.

Kinky curly
KCCC (curling custard) - here

I found it to be a great curl enhancer, especially when my hair was longer. Did increase drying time by heaps, and if i SOTC too early and it was damp i would loose my definition. The leave in KCKT (knot today) was fantastic.. I ran out not long ago and have been sad, have yet to find a comparable leave in. A little when a long way too. Plus i found that KCCC worked better with a leave in underneath.

L'oreal out of bed (LOOB) - here
was just way to 'producty' for me. didn't like the texture it produced!

Organic root stimulator lock and twist gel - here
was too creamy, moisturizing and not enough hold for me. Really weird texture of the product, that is made my hair soft.

Softsheen Carson Let's Jam Shining & Conditioning Regular Hold Gel Regular Hold - here

I used a bit when I put in my braids but for anything else it's way to heavy for me. I'm no good with mineral oil either.

BB African Royale BRX Braid and Extensions Sheen Spray - here

was fantastic (smell reasonably yummy, rather sweet) when i had my braids in. Gave a nice glow to them. Too oily for my natural hair though.

finishing paste (pomade) - here
fantastic with my pixie and i use to minimize frizz when SOCT

texture spray - here
I haven't got this one down, not sure on amount to use or distribution. wave formation is ok, but i keep getting frizz. I keep trying in vain.

I know I gave you some other bits and pieces but they have escaped me right now.. let me know if u want anymore info on anything.

I tried out the foxy curls low poo and the matrix curl cream stuff tonight/ this afternoon.

foxy curls - it reminds me almost identically to a medication i had when young. sickly sweet to me. bearable as it fades. It seemd to be on the harsher side of low poos for me. it seemed to be low lather and felt nice on my hair but I got a squeaky clean from this.

matrix curl cream (green the one you love) - I just had to try it. I was conservative and tried only a little bit, as it seem rather heavy. I used it alone (no leave in, no gel) I got decent wave definition, until I started pulling on it and fiddling with it (it's almost compulsive, I do when I'm stressed or doing an assignment) My under layers still look ok but the top is pretty much straight.

Oh before I forget I looked up my flexi-8's. I ordered then when i started growing my hair out, so I ordered a range of sizes in hope to help keep me motivated. The largest I have is a Medium (M). Think it's this one here. It's brand new still, obviously I don't have enough hair to use it yet! If you'd like to try it let me know and I'll send it too you. I have a billion other ones to keep me out of trouble.
I also realised I forgot to give you a sample of my re:coil, curl enhancer. I saw it in the shower today.. it has magnesium sulfate in it which my hair use to love, but I'm having issue with it atm. I'm not sure if mine is the old or new formula though. Let me know if you want some of that too.

Oh and this is the jessicurl too shea! i was talking about here. My hair loved it pre and post buzz cut! I went through 3 containers. LOVED it.

oh and I also found this infusium 23 stuff - is this what you were talking about?

ok enough ramble from me now.. bit excited sorry
take care
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
My day 4 hair and I got home safe friday night. Back at work in body not spirit. Thanks for the detailed list. Still unpacking all my goodies. Meet up was great. Will be in touch when I get a spare moment. Thanks again. DESERTGIRL
Glad to hear your home safe. I'm meant to be studying this week as exams kick off the following week, yikes! as you can see i'm doing a great job of studying :P
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

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