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They keep taking my favorite styling products off the market. My fave ever was a creme by Schwartzkopf- cheap, not too oily, not drying, didn't make my curls crunchy. I'm currently using Pantene styling stuff with K-Pak shampoo/ conditioner, but still not happy.

Here's my request; if you have a product you love, add it to this post. The product that gets the most raves, I'll try.
Jessicurls Confident Coils
Pink boots
Sorry had 3 products that i love !
Modified CG-Use Low Poo
Use Suaves & VO5 Condish For CG-Honey+ Condish=My curls are loving it!
*Suave gels ( love crunchy gels )*My HGs-Re:coil, Jessicurls , Boots , Loreal Spiral Curl Mousse, Tigi Amp*

*~Show Your True Beauty Cuz Curls Rock!~*
Jessicurl rockin ringlets
Jessicurl confident coils

I use them together so I had to put down 2 fav products
Dark brown/ black
Short and curly - and proud of it.
botticelli curls - 3B sides with 3A back.

Password - curls

CG since Aug 05
What is the difference between "confident coils" and " Rocking Ringlets"?
What is the difference between "confident coils" and " Rocking Ringlets"?
Originally Posted by frizzballpoodle
Confident coils is a styling cream while Rockin Ringlets is a gel. I use them both to get the hold that I like.
Dark brown/ black
Short and curly - and proud of it.
botticelli curls - 3B sides with 3A back.

Password - curls

CG since Aug 05
where can I get Jessiecurl, I have tried all sorts of shops including specialist hair product shops.


comfort in Sydney
You have to get it online. There's a distributor in Sydney - curlyhairstylesmagazine.com. Sorry, can't do links, computer illiterate here, but if you go to the Jessicurl website it'll give you a link. Excellent customer service, postage isn't too bad and really quick delivery.
I'm not having much luck with the products unfortunately.
Thanks for that info, sorry for delay in replying have been away. I'll have a look now.Which products did you buy?

comfort in Sydney
I tried the trial pack initially, liked the conditioners but not the cleansing cream (I need shampoo for iffy scalp). The styling products I just couldn't get away with at all, don't know if I wasn't using them properly, or using too much or too little or what. Not much room for experimentation with a trial pack unfortunately.
Anyway I've got the WDT, Too Shea and Aloeba. The WDT's good, no problem with that - really like it, but one or both of the conditioners is causing an allergic reaction with me. Guess there wasn't enough in the trial bottles to cause a problem but with regular use I've got a rash down my back, on my shoulders and round my hairline (luckily at the back of my neck and not round the front!). Sorry, tmi! Shame as I actually quite like the Aloeba.
What were you thinking of getting?
i was thinking of getting trial pack. the "light" version. I too have an iffy scalp and since I stopped using any shampoo and use Head and Shoulders conditioner my problem is kept at bay. I have psoriasis and since using this regime I have noticed a difference. It will never go away completely but I am very happy with results. I them use what ever conditioner I have to condition the mid to ends of my hair and leave most of it in.

The product I am interested in with the Jessicurl is the one that stops the frizz and keeps your hair "together" rather than fly away- I think it is called Ringlets something. I looked at their website but didn't get around to reading all the product range.

It is just so many people on this site have had success with Jessicurl and since I have tried every other product on earth one more can't be bad!


comfort in Sydney
I've got psoriasis too, never thought of trying H and S conditioner to wash with, the shampoo didn't help much. Maybe I'll give it a go. Good luck with the Jessicurl.

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