Curly Hairdresser in Brisbane?????

Hello All
Ive gone from hairdresser to hairdresser trying to find one who specialises in curly hair but as yet have not been successful in Brisbane. I did find one girl who was quite good but she decided to change careers and left hairdressing (maybe it was the curly hair she had to deal with). Anyhow do any of you know of a good hairdresser in Brisbane?????? Katrina

I have found a great hairdresser who seems to be able to cut curly hair quite well. Her name is Ella and she is at Stefan at Westfield Carindale. She actually has wavy hair herself but you wouldnt know as she straightens it most days. Anyhow the last time I went to her she tried something different and straightened my hair first then cut it straight. Turned out really well, am very happy with her and will be going back. Had heaps of layers and thined out. Seem to be able to control it a lot better now.

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