Calling Stressqueen, do you know a good Hairdresser??

Hi Stressqueen and other curly heads,

Do you know of a good hairdresser in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast I notice you live at the Coast. Im willing to travel to the Coast if I have to because Im yet to find a hairdresser in Brisbane who understands curly hair. I did actally come down the Coast to a Stefan salon in Australia Fair Shopping Centre and a lady called Jody cut my hair. She was quite good but would be interested to know of any others. My hair is thick with tight ringlets. Regards Katrina
If you are willing to put up with traffic and tourists; in Surfers there is a very good hair styler in the Dolphin Center, she cut my hair once and I would love to go back but my nail girl is there and I switched nail people.

I wish I could remember her name, she has straight blond hair, and is average to small in build (vs the other blond there) She was a colourist at a ‘high end’ salon in Pacific fair before moving to the Dolphin Center.

(I am no longer on the coast, I am up in Brisbane now and looking for someone to cut my hair on the south side)

good luck Kat!

Thanks for that, if I can get down the Coast I'll try her out. Please let me know if you find a good curly hairdresser in Brisbane.
Take Care
Katrina [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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