New hair photo's

I am the only one that post's on this site.
Oh well. Finally got some photo's of my
Home cut hair for last 10 yrs.
No one seems to be able to recommend a hairdresser in Sydney, so have booked into joe Baileys in Double bay, hoping i will get a good one there.
Hope he has the beat hairdressers working for him.
Wow Noodlehair, your hair is fabulous!

I've never been to Joh Bailey, but his salons have a reputation for blow outs, so they may not be the best place for someone who wants to stay curly. I hope I'm wrong and you get a great cut.

I get my hair cut at Hair on the Square, Australia Square, but I'm a 2C, so my hair is completely different to yours. I really like the way they do mine.

Good luck.

I agree with Fiona - your hair is FANTASTIC!! See - it only took a few photos to get us back on board. There will probably be a lot of tut tutting when they find out you have been cutting your own hair (hairdressers HATE this) but I'm sure they will have a lot of fun working with it. Let us know the result & if there is a big difference. I haven't had my hair cut for over a year (cut my own fringe) - with a new job on the horizon I am due soon for at least a trim & shape. Hope they are not scizzor happy!!
I got my hair cut by Paul from Joh Bailey's in Double bay. He did a good job. It's well shaped (but he wasn't the best communicator, maybe he was having a bad busy saturday.) The first thing he said was 'Have you ever thought about getting your hair straightened? Cut was $99. Money well spent and i will not need a cut for 6months now.
The cut is great,he spliced (? the term for it ) and shaped it without removing too much length.
He said never brush your hair and i told him about this site and that i learned not to brush form this site. He said he didn't know such a site existed. Anyway I was happy and I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be happy with a hair cut.

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