Best products available in Australia?

I'm principally after a treatment or conditioner that is extremely moisturising and frizz fighting.

Any recommendations?
I'm not really sure what to say - I used to love a Paul Mitchell one and Delva Intense, but now I am trying to do the Curly Girl book and so follow the ingredients she recommends. Lorraien recommends oiling your hair and then rinsing with lemon (let me know if you do not have the book and I will post the details, if you want them) and that WAS workign for me - I am not sure if it is the drought or that I need a cut that has stopped it working for me. Have you tried the Curly Girl routine?
You know, I just read my last post over and saw my description of my hair under it - and i think that since I started Curly Girl routine on 17 September 2002, that almost none of that description applies any more.
Resonant, yes I do have the Curly Girl book and I've been following the routine for 5 months or so with great success.

I think it must be the drought that is making my hair crispy again, because it was so silky and moisturised until relatively recently. Now that the air is always so dry, my hair is getting very flyaway and feels dry.

Before I started doing the CG routine, I used to spray my hair with olive oil before going to bed a few times a week, then shampoo it out in the morning. As I'm not shampooing any more, I haven't done this because I'm worried that conditioner won't wash the greasiness out.

Did the oil wash out properly for you?

I haven't tried the Lemon Aid Rinse because Clairol Herbal Essences Oil Free conditioner seems to clean my scalp well and none of the products I use cause build up.

I'll have to dig out the book and have another read.
Hi Fiona,

I've been doing CG Since 14 September and the same thing happened too me - fantastic difference until the last couple of weeks. And I start a new job on Monday, I was cryign my eyes out last week. Terrible, terrible flyaways, like fairy floss. The oil washes out properly if I use the Lemon Aid, I LOVE the lemon aid. I've only been oiling once a week until this last two weeks but I think I should oil more frequently. And I got my hair cut today - it was good !!! - I've done a separate post.
Take care,
Whoops - sorry Fiona, I missed a bit there - see my other post about my new haircut because it has completely solved the terrible hair of the last couple of weeks! I think it has just got too long, too old, I'd trimmed the ends myself, but I think the drought got into the older part of the hair, the last couple of inches, and wouldn't get out :-) I've just got home and wet it and it is pretty well back to where it was before, glossy and curly compared to the last two weeks of fluffy and too soft and dry. Happy weekend, take care,
PS I noticed your Angel quote - is it any good? I'm utterly devoted to Buffy but have avoided addiction to Angel, what's it like?
Claire, if you're a Buffaholic, how on earth could you resist watching Angel???

Yes, it's good. The second series in particular was excellent. The first was quite dark to start off with, because Angel was all tortured after leaving Buffy. In the second series he was more relaxed and comfortable.

Cordelia is an absolute hoot!

I recommend getting down to your local video shop and renting as many episodes of series one as you can handle, then progressing through to the end of series two. You have until March to catch up on two seasons.

You won't be disappointed.
hi resonant - i can't get hold of curly girl anywhere and am really interested to know the whole premise of the routine! What is the basis of it? ie what do you mean by oiling it and rinsing with lemon? thanks!
mlion, I ordered the CG book through the Angus and Robertson website. They had it shipped from the States, so you might as well order it from Or you could just read all the posts on about it. That's almost as good as reading the book. [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

Basically the CG routine banishes shampoo. Instead of washing your hair and scalp with shampoo, you condition your hair and scrub your scalp with conditioner. Every few washes you mix some lemon juice in with your conditioner to clarify and remove any product build up.

Oil (particularly olive oil) can be used for a deep moisturising treatment once a week. You put the oil in slightly damp hair and then leave it on, overnight if possible, then wash your hair in the morning with the lemon juice/conditioner mix.

The CG routine has left my coarse, parched, frizzy hair with soft, defined ringlets. And despite only using shampoo on my scalp every six weeks, my scalp and hair are clean and healthy.

Try it, you have nothing to lose.
Thanks for all the info Fiona! I actually can't imagine not using shampoo since my roots tend to get pretty oily, but hey i'll try anything once!

I will order the book over the net as you suggested, but I can't wait to try the routine asap! So can you just tell me whether i have to use fresh lemon juice or is that bottled stuff from the supermarket ok? And how much do i use - just a few drops or more?

Also, in your experience does using the conditioner to wash your scalp actually get rid of that oily feeling? I just can't believe that it would leave it feeling clean!! And the thought of putting olive oil into my hair hair is also an icky thought! But hey, like you said i have nothing to lose!
Thanks again for your help! [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
mlion, you're welcome!

Your roots may be getting oily because whenever you shampoo you remove the natural oils, so your scalp works hard to replace them. With the CG routine, your scalp is always moisturised (NOT oily) so it doesn't go overboard trying to produce more oil.

The trick to getting your scalp really clean using conditioner is to really rub at the scalp with your fingers covered in conditioner. I use Clairol Herbal Essences Clean Rinsing conditioner just for my scalp, with a richer conditioner for my hair (Biolage conditioning balm at the moment) and my scalp is very clean. I also don't get an itchy scalp now that I don't use shampoo.

The lemon juice to conditioner ratio is 50/50 and you use it once or twice a week depending on how often you wash your hair and how much product you put in it. I find that I rarely need to use it because I don't get product buildup, but others use it frequently. The book has other home made treatments too.

Olive oil would only be suitable for really dry, parched hair. If your hair is fine it probably wouldn't suit.

If you go onto the NC hair board and do a search on "no poo" or "CG routine" you'll find heaps of stuff to keep you going before your book arrives. [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif[/img]
Thanks again for the advice Fiona - i'll give it a shot! [img]images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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