How many Aussie,s check this site

Rarely is there any messages from Aussie's. It's a pity as some of the products mentioned on the site are not available here.
Ordered Lorraine's book from "
Title: Curly Girl: More Than Just Hair...It's an Attitude
Quantity: 1 Price Each: $18.83

Product Total: $18.83
Shipping Total: $6.50
Order Total: $25.33.
Awaiting arrival.
Anyone else ordered the book. ?????
My hair is 3c. Shoulder length.
Have cut my own hair for 13 yrs.
Any recommendations for products that smell nice and define curl's with no frizziness. ?
Hope you are out there!!! [img]images/smiles/icon_confused.gif[/img]
Yes, there are Ozzie's out there who check this site !! Actually, South African, but live in Oz.

I'm also looking for that "miracle" product that will hold & define my 3b/c curls !

the best I've found so far is Rusk's Wired, but have to order it from hair supply wholesaler as its hard to find in stores.

I'm a 3b Australian and Catwalk Curls Rock works wonders on my hair. You can get it at most professional salons.

Just be warned...a little goes a LONG way! Use too much and your hair feels majorly crunchy.
Thanks for the tips . I have heard the the Tigi Curls stuff is good. Hope it does work well cause its expensive.

I notice there are 2 productws Curls Rock range. which is better ? the Curl Booster or the Curl Amplifer.
I'm an Aussie! I'm a 2C and my favourite product is L'Oreal Professionel Liss Control. It gives great definition, cuts frizz and isn't crunchy.
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