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Stacie-lee 11-13-2011 06:38 AM

Gold coast grl needs ur cg help!
Hi my name is Stacie I'm 23 yrs old and a mother of a 2yr old.I'm completely new to cg I have 3a/3b hair at it's healthiest it's 3b I'm looking for product information on cg approved products in Australia goldcoast also if anyone has any tips for me I would be soooo thankfull. I am ashamed to say my whole life I've hated my hair and I'm really trying to embrace it instead of fighting it as I have always done with my ghd hell wen I started my fight with my hair I actually went to the extreme measure of putting an actual iron on my hair wen I was in yr 7 and hacked at it with turkey cutting scissors at 14 and I never stoped the never-ending masking and hiding the curls and frizz u name it ive done it lol untill now that is,Ive always found it hard to love what I was given cuz I'm the only one in my whole family with brown eyes olive skin and curly hair and with no information on how to care for my hair cuz like I said everyone in my family has beautifully straight manageable hair I dont even know what ethnicity I am as I don't know my bio dad so not even a clue there to find someone with the same hair as me to help nothing to identify with nothing to help at all so even a little inspiration plz anyone I'm desperate

tiama-x 11-13-2011 03:48 PM

some help for the newbie.
hi stacie lee.. im also a young mother of a 2 year old and to be again in February :)

I have been CG since september 2010 but just recently only made an account here. apparently aussies have a facebook page where they pretty much are, but i am constantly on this website as i dont have facebook :)

i can def tell you that you will find the "transformation" era either a good or bad experience.. it took me i think 4 weeks for my hair to actually transition (i guess) from my old frumpy gross hair to nicer fresher healthier hair.. this will vary to different people and of course different hair types..

i think the first thing you need to figure out is what your hair likes, protein/moisture balance.. or just protein or moisture..

dont know if you've been on this site yet but here is a useful link to get you started:

low poo (shampoo):

i havent had much luck finding low poo products.. i usually just use my daughters shampoos to be honest.. the one i use most is curash oatmeal conditioning shampoo or gaia shampoo for babies.. i think al'chemy have sls free shampoo as well but never tried it, also i've read people have been using organix shampoos, they do have silicone in it, but it is water soluble


tresemme have a silicone free hair conditioner, as does garnier fructis which you can find at your local woolies, coles or priceline.. anywhere really. (the garnier one is triple nourishment nutri repair).. these are very good CG products ..these 2 will be very good to start you're CG journey as they're both very good quality, cheap and easy to find..

some cones might not be bad for your hair and might help your hair become conditioned.. i have read people use herbal essences hello hydration for this reason.. i cant wear any type of silicone on my hair so its all about experimentation :)

priceline have a bigger line of CG products as i am aware, al'chemy hair have some products but some will contain protein, my hair wont work well with protein so, something to keep in mind.. i know natures gate is also CG friendly and can be found at priceline but have personally never tried them myself. i know also at coles you can get natralia nourish hair care but also never tried them myself, pears is also pretty available and their CG.

you can find giovanni hair products as well, i think ive seen it at a health food store, i could be wrong but i have also seen in at priceattack.. tigi moisture maniac is also found at hairhouse warehouse and thats CG friendly too..

(i know there is heaps more CG friendly products available here at shops but i cant name them all)

as for styling goes, im more of a oil person, i dont use gel on my hair at all so i wont be much help there but i will recommend some products.

at priceline you will be able to get these..

Sunsilk Hair Curl Boost Balm, this is CG friendly so is fruit of the earth?? aloe vera gel (this is meant for sunburns i think but i know a lot of people use this for their hair)

also ky jelly is also used as a styling aid, and people use this on their hair for humectant properties..

herbal essences tousle me softly mousse is also cg friendly as well and might be able to help with styling..

im sure others may be able to help you with your CG product find journey.. i managed to stumble across a website that sell a lot of stuff they sell at curlmart but its in australia.. (some of these however, do contain silicones)

good luck..

tiama-x 11-13-2011 03:54 PM

yes to!
i also forgot to mention the yes to line which is now available at priceline.. i'm actually getting the yes to carrots conditoner today and totally forgot to mention it lol.. (i read there are 2 different formulas circulating, one with a cone and one without it, so make sure if you see it (i think its dimethicone) you put it down..

princesspie 11-13-2011 04:11 PM

You can also start by getting the Curly Girl book, which these methods are based on. Then, once you determine your hair type, you can find methods and products which might work for you.

Unfortunately, there is no one solution for everybody. But the good thing about living in Australia is that we don't have too many options (at least I think it's good). Tiama has listed out some products that you can try and there are heaps more in the Aussie board.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Stacie-lee 11-13-2011 09:48 PM

Thanks girls so so much for your reply I really appreciate it I've just found the ingredients ect confusing and as I'm a mum I can't really afford to keep wasting money on heeps of products (not that I haven't already) lol but it's so good to know that there's answers to this very difficult hair type :) and I'll definitely be going to check out the products u have suggested :) um I was wondering as far as the curly girl book goes which one do I buy the first edition or the second edition? Thanks grls thanks thanks thanks p.s I'm trying the mayo in hair today hopefully it will give me some added moisture also I found aloe era 100% organic spray and gel in my fridge (such a staple in qld) it's by natural instinct so I'm going to give it a go too I'll keep you posted and I'll post pics if I can fig out how lol

Stacie-lee 11-13-2011 10:01 PM

Stacie-lee 11-13-2011 10:03 PM

My hair, not it's curliest cuz I've weighed it down with loads of product and it's really damaged from straightening

tiama-x 11-13-2011 11:47 PM

I would get the second edition.. as there is more 'updated' information like new improved silicones that the old book didn't mention..

Its always good to find cheapo alternatives from the house, I actually use olive oil and coconut oil for sealing and i can use it for cooking as well.

tiama-x 11-13-2011 11:50 PM

Btw you're hair is beautiful.. it looks about 2b in the photo.. are you sure its 3b? My daughter has 3b hair and its very ringletty..

Stacie-lee 11-14-2011 02:06 AM

It is probably 2-3 not sure but I know at my curliest it's 3b but eitherway it's curly for sure lol thanks for the info :)

Stacie-lee 11-14-2011 02:06 AM

Thanks for saying my hair is beautiful btw

Stacie-lee 11-14-2011 05:59 AM

Tried the mayo /alovera/honey in my hair for 20 mins my hair is very soft :) I definitely recommend it :)

Stacie-lee 11-14-2011 07:04 AM
My hair after the home made treatment :) my curls are coming back :)

tiama-x 11-15-2011 12:57 AM

I personally can't do treatments with Mayo.. my hair is very protein sensitive unless I dye it, in which case my hair loves it.. I will usually do a protein /moisturise balance treatment and even that leaves my hair frizzy and dry until I use a moisturise leave in..

You need to experiment on your hair a lot I find. It'd take time, but its fun..

btw I know your in the gold coast, I'm in Brisbane! How HORRIBLE was the weather today!!

Stacie-lee 11-15-2011 01:19 AM

Yeah the sun dries my hair out and the humidity makes my hair frizzy aaaand wearing it out is like wearing ear muffs a beanie and a scarf on these hot day lol

Stacie-lee 11-15-2011 01:44 AM

So I officially started the cg method properly well as good as I can before I was using conditioner and products with cone and sulfate but using the method of only shampooing like twice a week max but I just went out to woolworths and got the garnier fructis triple oil the one suggested.
First i used my sulfate shampoo to get all the cones out of my hair first to start properly and then the garnier fructis condish then because I dnt have a leave in with no cones I used my garnier condish as my leave in along with garner curl mouse (not intirely sure if its cone free then lastly scrunched my hair with a t shirt and now letting it air dry
but I'm finding as I'm seeing it dry it is very soft wich is great but my curl is barely there and frizzy :( is this normal for transitioning? Should I b using more condish or mouse in my hair? Is the mouse garnier fructis curl controll with bamboo extract cg approved? But this is for sure I'm sticking it out so like everyone says trial and error I guess :)

tiama-x 11-15-2011 04:22 AM

Transition is different for everyone!! Perhaps you need more styling hold like from a gel.. I'm not too sure about the curl mousse but if it has alcohol denat that is extremely drying to the hair..

I don't style my hair but I can tell you my routine as I am growing out my hair.. btw my hair is different to yours, so this is just my example ..

Low 'poo: curash soothing oatmeal conditioning shampoo

Co wash: tresemme naturals moisturising conditioner

Rinse out: garnier fructis nutri repair conditioner

Pineapple hair with microfibre towel.

Leave in: tresemme naturals again
Seal: coconut oil & Shea butter

Then I clip it up.

Keep checking up peoples signatures on the curltalk forum.. some will have what they use for styling..

There's a lot of maintenance when it comes to CG what you do now to your hair and works will be different in winter.. massive learning curve but I'm obsessed now lol.

princesspie 11-22-2011 12:33 AM

Stacie - Your hair is looking great! You've got great definition and it looks nice and soft. Maybe your hair needs protein if it's damaged?

Tiama - How do you go with just using a leave-in and sealant? Do you get second day hair?

tiama-x 11-22-2011 02:27 AM

I do get 2nd day hair and its better than my first day hair. I sleep on silk pillows and use a silk cap too.. its usually very moisturised but I always have it clipped up til it grows out ..

princesspie 11-23-2011 04:47 PM

Is your hair fine or coarse and how do you apply your leave-in and sealant?

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