New Zealand!

dont see many posts around from the southern hemisphere..especially from N.Z.

im an american whom lived in sydney and is now living in auckland. (its actually the prices of product here that is making me go CG) im just starting the routine tomorrow but have spent weeks sorta sifting through all this info.. the hardest part is trying to compare the U.S. products which all these ladys are using to what i have available, reading lables and finding affordable CG products. then of course doing it right without the book, guess i should order it.

anyway, i was just looking for a good place to get questions answered and see if anyone uses some of the same products. and the ladys from ozzie seemed like the best start!

i can't even figure out how to find the threads i post so i think ill leave this one open on my computer.. so thats some info id love to get, how do i find what i write up here the next day or week?! can't get questions answered iif i can't find my posts or threads... and i can't edit my signature and all that. hmmmmph

also there isn't a kiwi based thread/board on here is there??

thanks ladys.
Over in the swap boards is the Aussie swap board where there's a bit of stuff. There's an Aussie Curly Girls Facebook group you could request an invite to as well, we gather there a bit. Welcome to the southern hemisphere CG community!

3a, low porosity, protein sensitive, medium texture (with random coarse strands), growing out a pixie cut

Located in Tasmania, Australia

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