clear hair gel recommendations...?

I am in my first month of the curly girl method. The only gel I have been able to find that seems okay ingredient wise is DAX hair gel - it is purple. It seems to be okay, but I would like to see what else is available - any suggestions?
Ive heard people talking about Garnier Frucits Pure Clean Gel - waterlily716 raved about it. I have done research and found that in Australia we have Garnier Fructis Camoflauge - it has the same exact ingredients - some in a different order. I bought some today.
Hope it works well for you. I think I'm the only Aussie who posts regularly on here these days and I don't use gel so I can't really contribute here. Just didn't want you to think you were all alone!
3b in South Australia.
@AlexisMal - how did the GF Camoflauge work for you?
@AlexisMal - how did the GF Camoflauge work for you?
Originally Posted by TwoFeet123
Yeah how did you get on with Gf gel & what properties does yr hair have?

Could you order Eco styler online?

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