Hi Aussie CG's!

I have been using the Devacurl line for about 7 weeks now. Unfortunately I have not been able to get it to work any miracles in my hair yet, but I shall persist!

I found that I was getting a lot of build-up, itch etc, so I decided to do a Bi-carb wash and ACV rinse. It felt horrible and it was super vinegar-y, but my hair felt so clean afterwards!

I also found some Organic Care Hard Gel at COLES, so I then followed up with the Supersoaker method and WOW! Once I SOTC it was awesome!

I have 2c hair (2a dry horrible canopy, and 3a ringlets underneath) and for the first time I had curl in my canopy! Especially around my temples. It was shiny and soft and woohoo!

Unfortunately the Organic Care Hard Gel has parabens in it, so I have just bought some Shaping Serum by Pure/hair jamm (Price Attack). I will let you know how it goes!

Any one else had good experiences with Australian styling products? This Shaping Serum was ridiculously expensive so a low-cost alternative would be great!
I have never used it but one of my friend who used it did not give a good review about it you can check it here

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