Future Hairdressing Apprentice

Hi Curlies!

I have an unusual request. I have (after much thought) decided on a career change to begin a hairdressing apprenticeship.
I have been a devoted curly for upwards of five years now, and it's something that I think about constantly; I love discussing it.
So my question is: who in Sydney do you trust with your curly hair? I know that when I'm studying at TAFE it will mostly be straight hair that I'll be working with, so I would really like to learn the ropes as an apprentice to someone who knows curls.
I would love your thoughts, about salons and otherwise!

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Not in Sydney so can't help, but just wanted to wish you well. Learn the curly ropes and I'm sure you'll build up a good client base - good curly hairdressers are few and far between (as I'm sure you know).
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Thanks Starmie! I certainly do know. It's so frustrating that the US has DevaChan and Ouidad among others. Aussie hairdressers are missing out on a good thing!

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2b, medium, lots of them
CG: 21 Apr 08, Mod CG: 24 Aug 08
My blog: Can't Stop Thinking About Hair
Hi a curly q, have you posted this on the Aussie Curly Girls Facebook group? You might get more responses there. Best of luck, I commend you on a noble vocation, servicing us curlies!
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