I found my curly hairdresser in Newcastle!

Hi Ladies (and gents if there's any out there!)

I initially stopped by CurlTalk in search of someone that understands my wavy whirly locks. I was considering driving to Sydney or flying to Melbourne - I was so desperate for a good cut.

I started asking around and was strongly urged to try Sophie at Suki Newcastle and I'm mighty glad I did!

I arrived at the salon with my hair pulled back and I was pretty nervous to say the least - Sophie was, after all, in a long line of hairdressers I was placing all my faith in. She wet my hair, finger curled and dried it. She took her time to see exactly how my curls fell. She then dry-cut my hair and thoroughly explained how to care for it. And what made me feel most at ease is that Sophie has naturally curly hair herself. She understands curly hair and she is passionate about making it work.

I went back to Sophie two weeks later for a colour and I'm totally and utterly in love with my hair again. Would happily recommend Sophie at Suki to any curly girls out there in Newcastle/Hunter region.

That is so amazing! How did you find her? And how did she learn to cut that way? I am in Melbourne so I can't go to her but it's still interesting and fantastic
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A friend of mine works at Suki as the Salon Co-ordinator - she put me onto Sophie after I asked her advice on taming my curls. I wish I had asked her years ago!!

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