Brisbane hairdresser

Thought I'd come here and put in a recommendation - for Amanda Rickman / The Philosophy of Curls.

I only have wavy hair & I went in for a haircut with her a few weeks. I started doing a CG routine about a month or two prior to that but I wasn't having AMAZING results or anything. Amanda gave me tips for my particular hair type that I hadn't tried before & I was able to get Jessicurl products from her which are hard to source around here. Fast forward to now and I've been having totally awesome hair days every day. I'm very thankful & I recommend her to anyone considering getting a haircut in Brissy.

Here's a before/after pic.

I've only been to Amanda once and she is absolutely amazing. I get compliments on my hair everyday. After having dry fuzzy hair for 28 years I finally know how to care for my hair and haven't straightened it since seeing her.
I also highly recommend, she's saved my curls!!!

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