Getting products into Australia

I hope this is where we can ask, I'm getting my butt kicked with postage costs and trying to purchase products in bulk. So for my Australian curly friends,

Is there any way to get large quantities of curly products in Australia?

Would love to hear from anyone who knows about importing in bulk ideas.
Thank you so much in advance.

I don't know about bringing in large quantities, but if you find another curly in your area, you can order together and share in the postage costs?
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I've no idea tbh, I've cut down as much as I can on getting stuff from overseas, the postage is ridiculous.
Could you try emailing the places you're buying from and asking them what they could do - ie what sort of quantities you would need to buy to be able to cut down the cost?
3b in South Australia.
You can try find sites such as they have a variety of curly hair products plus free sniping over $50

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