Curly Hairdresser in Central Victoria-near Kyneton

G'Day Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone knows of a curly hairdresser -near Kyneton area?
I have just been butchered by my local h/dresser and i've thrown in the towel. She says she is a curly h/dresser but every time i have asked for a dry cut she says "no problem" and sprays my hair with water until it is soaking. I've had it. The shrinkage was huge as well as my hair was cut to bring the curl out more. I turned around and looked at the floor and their was half my hair. My hair is ruined. Can any one help me with a real curly hair dresser? Thanks in advance for your help
I also live in Central Vic and rather than take a chance trying to find the right hairdresser I am heading straight to Melbourne and have booked an appointment with Neel Loves Curls, he & his staff come highly recommended.

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