New and Nervous

Hi all

I'm new here and trying to figure out what prouducts are best for a starting out 3A/3B (not 100% - one side I'm sure is 3B the other is looser/less defined but I don't wear my hair natural a lot.... not in years! Have attached a few pics, laden down with gunk though they are).

I would like to try co-washing. I understand I will need 2 types of conditioner, a light "cleaning" one and a heavier "moisturising" one, a leave-in and maybe a gel or similar?

Could anyone 3A/B, normal-high porosity and medium-thick texture make some recommendations for starting out?

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Hi there, I seem to be the token Aussie around here these days and am afraid I'm not going to be much help. I don't co-wash so can't really recommend anything, though you don't necessarily need something different from your normal conditioner. As to normal conditioner, my cupboard is atm testament to the fact that I can't find anything to replace the Price Attack one that I loved, though I do really like Tresemme Naturals (moisturising one) I just don't use it any more as they sold to Unilever who do animal testing. I have two leave-ins, both of which I like - one is Kinky Curly Knot Today, which I buy from iherb (cheap postage) and the other is Vita 5 CPR (blue writing, moisture one) which I get from Price Attack. I don't like gel and use mousse instead, though the mousses in my cupboard are competing for space with the conditioners as I try to find one to replace my favourite that changed formula, so not much help there.
Sorry to be a misery, I'm pretty frustrated just now! Have a poke around the health food shops, they're pretty good for cg friendly products, and iherb has a good amount of stuff with good prices (compared to here) and good postage.
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I haven't popped in here for a few years. I've been happily doing mod CG since 2010. I switch and change my leave-in but have been heavily reliant on BRHG over the top. I've been buying it from strawberrynet for years but it's been unavailable for quite a while now, and I've read that the new formulation is no good. I've tried many gels over the years but never a good replacement for BRHG. Let me know if you find any good ones... I am also a 3a/3b. I frequently buy from Strawberrynet and iherb, and haven't found any gels in Aussie stores that work for me... yet.
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