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katherik 05-02-2004 01:07 AM

Hi-new to this-need major help here...

I need some serious advise. I have long curly natural hair that is on the thin side-after reading this website i have recently discovered that I should not be using the products that i do-mousse etc

I use Natio shampoo and cond and they seem to work just fine-my hair is much healthier than it use to be anyway.

I have course and frizzy hair and would love to change my style to a shorter length and volumise it. I actually saw what i want on the styles page.

I live in Melbourne and need a really good hairdresser-does anyone have a recommendation??

also is it a bad idea to get a perm over curly hair?? I do like sarah jessica parkers look too-only her curls are lot bigger and softer than mine so i'm not quite sure how to achieve that look as i need more volume in the back starting from the scalp-it takes a day or two before that part of my hair gets a bit of body into it and i need something that will always create that.

I would really appreciate any suggestions and feedback you could provide,



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