Hey all!

I am new to this board and am excited there is a section here just for us Aussies!
I am probably going to try the whole no shampoo thing, and I was just wondering what anyone thought of Dove Curl Care Conditioner? Is it any good?
hey there i am new here as well, going the hole no shampoo thing is great. i have naturally curly hair and it works a charm , i tried the dove conditioner didnt really do much , i am still tryin to find the right one for my hair...
Easy boy that bassline aint even dropped yet!
I have heard now that using Organic stuff is good, as I often get dandruff , but I have not read the book yet. Maybe I should!
yeah i have herd that as well, but havnt seen anywere in sa that stocks it , probably not looking hard enough
Easy boy that bassline aint even dropped yet!
I like the Herbal essences conditioner in the green bottle, the one for oily hair, as a "shampoo" to get my scalp really clean. I don't have oily hair, but this one cleans my scalp and then rinses out without leaving any residue. I then use either Dove Dry and Damaged conditioner or Bio Ionics conditioner, depending on my hair's condition at the time.
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Thanks for your help message Fiona, you're a star!
hi all, i'm new too, brand spanking new actually...nice to find a section for aussies!

i found the dove curl range didn't do much for me, i received a free sample and wasn't too impressed. i don't know what, if anything, is different about it to make it specifically better for curls.

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