PLEASE help a 3b/c in Melbourne.

HI, if anyone has any product recomendations for me - I think Im a 3b or c. My hair looks good wet, but when dry it frizzes out into a big frizz ball. I just know that out there somewhere is a product that can help me!!! maybe you have already discovered it for me???
Thanks to anyone who answers. xx
Hi, I'm not a 3, but I do have very thick, coarse hair that is incredibly prone to frizz. The best defining and defrizzing product I've found is L'Oreal Professionel Liss Control Smoothing Creme. Defines curls without making them crunchy. I love it.
If you can't be a Good Example, then you'll just have to be a Horrible Warning
Thanks heaps for that, Ill give it a go.
Ive had my hair out of braids or dreads for about 8 mths now... Im still going through a daily dilemma of whether I can be bothered with it or not - it just feels like so much work!!
Hmm... still trying to find peace with it.
Crazy hair!!!!!

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