Hairdresser in SYdney who understands curly hair

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One of the times I was visiting Sydney, I got my haircut @ imperial hair with Marcus & had great results -

I'll be back shortly so will pay em a visit.

Do you know what CG hair products are available there? I'm just wondering what I need to bring with me.
Black is black near Pac fair is still on the gold coast I think.
Originally Posted by fonki
Hi Fonki, thanks for your recommendation for the Gold Coast - I've been delayed in replying :-). Ive been to Black is Black, from your recommendation, and they have a great range of products quite reasonably priced, an obscure range but good and natural.

I've actually found a brilliant curly haired hairdresser here on the Gold Coast and I'd like to share her with you. She's Dana at Hair Biz in Ashmore Plaza in Cotlew Street (the smaller shopping centre with all the parakeets and the large trees). She's one of the few hairdressers I've found with natural curls herself, and is absolutely the best hairdresser I've come across in my 3 years (so far) of growing out my curls. She's a curl champion, has a very funky style, and understands how to style and treat curly hair, and does very minimal cutting. 5++ stars.

FYI I have 3B curls, and have found so far that any hairdresser who tells me that my hair is too thick and has to be thinned out, doesn't know what they're talking about, and now I will simply walk out of the salon if this is their approach. It takes far too long to recover from a haircut from one of these guys, and Im afraid you can't sue them for damages :-). With the right products and drying technique, I've found that 3B hair really is all about the shape, and being assertive with it.
Im desperate for some TLC for my curls!!
I live south of sydney, wollongong area and need a curl-safe salon asap.
Id prefer not having to travel all the way to sydney for a haircut with 3 kids Lol
Its been over 2 yrs since i had a trim because of bad salon experiences Plz help!
Hi Bonnie
a quick reply to your message, all I can do is give you my (so far) foolproof tips for finding a decent hairdresser:

a. try and find one who has curly hair herself, curls that look great and well cared-for (this is the hard part!) - you want to find a hairdresser who LOVES curls and does not panic in the face of them

b. ask them about their approach to cutting hair. Please see my response to the previous poster above. If they say that they thin out the hair in any way shape or form, run for your life. They may not say 'thinning' exactly - they will probably disguise it by saying that they 'lighten up' the curls or 'take out some of the weight' - don't believe it for a minute, it means exactly the same thing - they thin it and take the life out of your hair. Unless you like it like that. In my experience so far (3 years of growing out 3B curls from straightened hair, with a huge amount of bungled expensive haircuts in there) - in my experience, the best cuts DO NOT thin out the hair, they like to cut it dry, and they only take out the ends or whatever it takes to shape, not thin.

c. general tip, do not comb you hair, and load it with moisturiser (as you would know from this website :-))

Hopefully you can transform Boof into Beauty, best wishes :-)
Thanks northcurlcurl re tip on hairdresser in Ashmore. I've never bn to that shopg Ctr before as I'm from Kirra. But will give it a go next time I'm home.

Yr right about the hair products @ BisB. Curly hair products are becoming more popular in Oz - thank goodness. I even noticed at price attack in Tweed that they have a small lil section for curlies with elucence, D&L products etc.
Hi all
I've been reading these forums on and off for years looking for curly hairdressers in Sydney. As others have mentioned, I tried Element in Woollahra once but didn't love it. (It was OK, not a total disaster, but not great). I found Orla Quinlan in Surry Hills by going up to a girl on the street with a funky short do and asking where she got her hair done! Orla is fantastic, really knows curly hair, and I went a few times but it's expensive and one of those fancy salons where they bring you tea, which isn't my scene. She does a cute cut where the curls are longer at the front around your face and shorter at the back, but after a while I wanted something edgier - I was thinking to try shaved at the back - but when I asked her, she kind of did the same cut she always does.
Anyway by chance I have found a fantastic Japanese guy in Marrickville who gives me the funky curly haircut I've always wanted but never found! It's shaved at the back but longer at the front and on top. He knows curly hair, cuts it dry without you having to request that, and cuts individual curls. He thins it a bit, and knows how to make it look funky. He rents a chair in an African salon called Serengeti and it's far cheaper than the fancy salons. If you want an edgier, more 'Newtown' look which you never thought was possible with curls, go to Taka! He's at 407 Illawarra Road.
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After reading a few of the recommendations I went to Glitz & Glam on Military Road in Neutral Bay. Bianca cut my hair as Nikki no longer works in hairdressing.
I was very happy with the service! Bianca's got styles and uses great cutting techniques. Good thing is her hair is so curly naturally that she help me with some tips on how to maintain my hair and she has plenty of experience in hairdressing. I found the salon very trendy with fantastic prices! I'll defiantly be going back and would highly recommend the salon.
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Hi friends, I'm from Element Hair. Thanks for your honest and real feedback. Really sorry to hear that a couple of people didn't like their cuts. That's certainly not how most of our customers feel, but if people have felt that way then it's real!

We do love curly hair and have many satisfied girls with curly hair, and would love the chance to talk through with you about how we can work with you and your curly hair.

If you have been unhappy with your hair please do give us a call or email ( or you can leave a comment on our web form (anonymously if you want! Josephine is the girl to talk to. Jo's work regularly features in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, and Cosmopolitan Brides and she is our resident curly expert - we really care about how your hair turned out for you and want to hear from you.

We love seeing the joy on people's faces, and that 'new me' feel when they walk out of the salon with a style they really like. We've heard that from lots of our customers, that they really enjoy their hair after visiting.


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Hi could you please let me know where you get your curly hair cut. Thanks Maria
Hi there
just thought I'd post an update now that I've been in sydney for around 9 months.... I've got 3B curls, and have only been growing them now for 5 years, and have had quite a few disasters and setbacks in that time. However, now I've settled Glitz and Glam Military Road Neutral Bay - Bianca works there and she has natural curls. She will cut and do whatever you want - even apply henna if you ask her to - and will happily dry cut curl by curl and just a trim if you need it. For around $36 for the trim. So I go to her for shaping and general maintenance. However I am still looking for a good hairdresser for a 'trendy' style cut. I went to Orla Quinlan on the recommendation of this website, but I found she also used a 'thinning' technique which left my hair frizzy and lost a lot of volume, leaving it wispy instead. I don't want to have to micro-manage a hairdresser while they are doing my hair. The search continues....

By the way, I was one of the people who had a bad experience at Element Hair in Woolhara. Despite the Poster above asserting their curly know-how, it was Jo who cut my hair and she simply thinned it out, leaving no bulk at all - and that''s what I love about my curls - the mass and volume. Maybe they cut other types of curls better, but that approach was no good for my 3B and I certainly wouldn't go back again to give them a second chance - it set me back at least 6 months.

anyhow good luck to you all, and happy curling :-) Sue

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However, now I've settled on two great salons, still Glitz and Glam Military Road Neutral Bay - Bianca works there and she has natural curls. She will cut and do whatever you want - even apply henna if you ask her to - and will happily dry cut curl by curl and just a trim if you need it. For around $36 for the trim. So I go to her for shaping and general maintenance. However I wanted a style cut so I went to see Orla Quinlan following recommendations from here
Originally Posted by northcurlcurl
Hi northcurlcurl,

Thanks for this info. I am in Sydney and trying to decide whether to go to a hairdresser to get my hair cut. You mentioned that Bianca from Glitz and Glam was good, but then said that you wanted a "style cut" so you went to Orla Quinlan.

Does that mean that Bianca doesn't really do a style cut?

I have shoulder-length hair and want to try a different shape (I want to change where the weight of the hair is and how it sits). I still like the shorter length, but just want it shaped differently. Do you think Bianca would be good for this?

Thank you for any advice you can give. I am hesitant to go anywhere to get it cut because I don't want a disaster, so your personal experience is really helpful and appreciated!
Hi BenBen

I can really understand your anxiety about getting a haircut :-) just because it takes so long to grow..
I mentioned that I went to Orla Quinlan for a 'style cut' because I haven't had Bianca style mine yet, she has pretty much cut it just as I have asked, and she;s done that well - perhaps if you went in there with a picture? Sometimes though I just want to go in there and say to the hairdresser "What do you think would suit me?". I know Orla does 'free' 15 min consultations, where she can go through a few options as to how she would cut it. It also depends on your type of curls and how they've worked best in the past, and you can gauge from what she suggests how it will work on your hair.

My best cutter yet was Dana at Ashmore Plaza on the gold coast - she has curly hair herself and just LOVES curls - I haven't met such a good curl advocate since. I would let her do anything on my hair, and trust her implicitly. The others, I am still a bit careful with...

sorry I can't be more help. I think Orla and Bianca are lovely and very curl-positive - the best I've found in Sydney so far - however I'm still looking for my blunt-cut 3B style guru.
Thanks northcurlcurl! That really does help. I'm still not sure what I'll do, but it sounds like Bianca would be fine to go to for a start.

What a pity Dana isn't in Sydney!
Sarah @ Evolution Oatley. Tried the salon after asking someone where they were getting their curly hair cut. Very reasonable prices and friendly
(I was going to see Robin @ Minx)

since posting above that I had a good experience with Orla Quinlan's for a style cut (on the recommendation of this thread), I went back there, and it was a disaster!!! She set me back at least 6 months. It seems like my first experience with her was OK because I micromanaged the whole thing (Im nervous with a new hairdresser) and told her exactly how I wanted it cut. However the second time, I relaxed and let her do her thing. She used a totally different technique the second time. Before I knew it, she was twirling my hair into finger-thick spirals, and running the scissors down the length of each spiral, to remove bulk. Maybe that technique works on wavy/ slightly curly hair where there is not so much hair. But on me it murdered my curls, thinning them all out and creating a mane of frizz!!!! Exactly what you don't do to 3B hair!!!!! There were uneven lengths scattered throughout, and wispy flyaways everywhere.

That was July, and only now at the end of November are my curls decent again, but I've lost about 2 inches off the length. I spent the last 4 months straightening my hair with hot irons, as the damage and frizz wasn't so visible then.

Anyhow..... the good thing about all that is that I've found another gem of a hairdresser who's helped salvage everything, and helped me love my hairstyle again. Gai at Gai's Salon in Lane Cove. She also has curly hair, and really listens to what you want. Her prices are great, and she's a pleasure to sit with.

So I'd rate Gai at Gai's Salon, Lane Cove, and Bianca at Glitz and Glam, Military Road, as my two favourite sydney curly hairdressers at the moment for my 3B hair......
best wishes to all you curly girls out there, and good luck with your Christmas styling :-)
I went Glitz and Glam after reading the forum. First went for a consultation and she was very professional and understood my hair texture. Setup a second appointment and i was very happy with the results.

May try project one next time since neutral bay is going be a bit far me.

Anyhow..... the good thing about all that is that I've found another gem of a hairdresser who's helped salvage everything, and helped me love my hairstyle again. Gai at Gai's Salon in Lane Cove. She also has curly hair, and really listens to what you want. Her prices are great, and she's a pleasure to sit with.
Originally Posted by northcurlcurl
Hi Northcurlcurl,

I am interested in this hairdresser you have mentioned at Lane Cove. I just phoned today to ask about getting a cut and how much it would cost, but the voice message said she doesn't work today. Do you know how much she charges for a style cut for curly hair? Does she cut dry?

Last year, I went to Bianca from Glitz & Glam on your recommendation, and that went well. I am the kind of person who gets my hair cut maybe once a year, so I haven't been back yet. It is nearly 9 months since I had my hair cut and it really needs a re-shaping. I was going to go back to Bianca, but saw that her prices have increased since I first went (now $55 for a curly cut). So I was wondering how Gai's prices compare with that?

The other thing that interested me is that you said that Gai has curly hair. Does she wear it curly? I'm just wondering, because when I went to Bianca, her hair was straight and she told me she'd had a keratin treatment (if I remember correctly), so she doesn't wear her hair curly. It is probably not that important, but just something in the back of my mind because people often tell you that a sign of a good hairdresser for curly hair is one that has curly hair herself and wears it curly.

Thanks for your help!
Hi benben

I'm glad to hear you found Bianca good for cutting hair. I know what you mean though - and agree pretty much - that the sign of a true curly hair champion is one who wears it naturally curly herself.

To answer your question, yes Gai does wear hers natural, she has chin length wavy hair coloured copper- Meg Ryans degree of waviness. Being Lane Cove, her clientelle are mainly older ladies. Also being Lane Cove, her price is around $60 for a wash and cut, and no she doesn't cut it dry unfortunately. However having said that, I seem to remember when I first visited her for a light basic trim (around the back) I specifically washed it that morning and asked her to trim it dry - she did but she didn't cut it curl by curl but rather combed it first, so it came out frizzy - and I think the rate was around $30 for a dry trim, but please don't quote me on that. Best to phone her?
However I found that because she listened really carefully, and is aware of springback factor, generally I walked out with a decent cut, she didn't take too much off, and certainly didn't thin out my 3B curls. In fact, it was her that fixed up the disastrous cut from Orla Quinlan's months ago. So I feel she is 'in tune' with curls, and for me this is enough at the moment. However yes, I am still on the hunt for the perfect 3B hairdresser curly champion stylist, who knows how to cut dry.

I hope this helps, and let me know what you find :-)
Thanks for the quick reply! Your information is really helpful. After reading what you said, I think I will probably stick with Bianca at this stage because she does cut dry and curl by curl. I would feel more comfortable with that.

Thanks again for helping out so quickly!

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