CG leave in conditioner

So I'm trying CG for about the 5 millionth time and it's going surprisingly well, aside from the fact that I can't find a leave in conditioner without cones. Do you guys know of any that can be found in Australia and are reasonably priced? Also, do you know of any supermarket brand products that don't use cones?
I found it pretty hard to find cone-less stuff in the supermarket. Atm I'm using aloe vera gel for a leave-in.
Besides leave-ins the only thing I've found in priceline or supermarkets without absolutely no cones is Pears. quite light on the moisture so I use it for co-washing. For extra moisture I use alchemy. Though one of the other aussies didn't like it.
Anyways, hope you can get something from that. If not, good luck
Thanks heaps, a curly q
In what section of the supermarket do you find aloe vera gel? This might seem like a strange question, but I honestly have no idea.
You're welcome
In the skincare section or suncare. They're usually together though. There are heaps of different brands so most supermarkets should have at least one.
I got my aloe vera in the chemist, Health food shops sell it too, not sure I've seen it in the supermarket, but then I've never looked.
I'm using Cristalli leave-in atm, bought it in Hairhouse Warehouse, but a week later I found it in their bargain bin as they weren't going to sell it any more - don't know if it was just that branch or all of them. Another one I've used is MOP, which is nice, but a bit pricy and PM's The Conditioner though I think that's got a (modified) cone in it. Don't try Alchemy's leave-in - it's truly disgusting.

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