how do you survive summer???


So coming up is my first summer being cg, my hair usually turns into a frizzy mess over the summer months from swimming and the heat. At least the beach makes it a little more curly?

What do you do to keep your crazy curls or waves at bay over these scorching months?
My hair's always much better behaved over summer. It hates humidity so being in Adelaide suits it fine. I'm not much of a swimmer, so that's not an issue for me and I'm not one for the beach either which is good too as the sea air makes my hair horrid!
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I'm after some advice about this one too! My hair is usually at its curliest after swimming in the ocean, but its so sticky and ick I always used to wash it straight away!
Not sure if I've posted this. I don't think so, so here's a thread that I found when searching on a similar topic:

And concerning the salt issue, I generally just rinse and condition after swimming in salt water. HTH
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Thanks f for the link a curly q
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