Looking for a curly specialist in Melbourne

Any recommendations would be appreciated...my hairdresser of 20 yrs has moved away and i'm so worried about trying someone new and want to find a stylist that really understands curly hair
I don't suppose your hairdresser moved to Sydney? Viewing all existing posts, it appears everybody else has my problem......can't find a decent hairdresser. My biggest problem is not so much the cut, but the post-cut styling :x . The teasing, the blow-drying.......they JUST DON'T GET IT. I then get my hair cut way too infrequently to avoid the Post-Traumatic Stress. However, I am now happy with my products. I use K-Pak shampoo/ conditioner, 'coz they keep my hair really moisturised. I then use Pantene treatment spray and gel; nice texture- not crispy, not oily....just right.
No, mine moved to Brisbane!! I am more worried about the cut than styling as I have never found a hairdresser that can drive my curls like i can do myself. I always leave the salon with wet hair as i prefer to air dry anyway. I have also stopped using products with sulfates and cones and my hair feels better than it ever has before.
I dont know where to search to find a good hairdresser....there are plenty out there for girls with straight hair but i find that most do not know how to handle my very thick mop of curls. I've searched google and looked in the phone book but come up with nothing so far....hopefully someone will read this and give me a recommendation.....pleasseeeeeeeeeeeee. I am in the eastern suburbs.
There's another post like this a couple down from yours. The poster found a hd in St. Kilda, maybe you could try them.
Thanks Starmie, yes i had seen the previous post but i was hoping i could find something which is not so far away. I might get lucky....hope so
I had a look on another forum and a couple of recs there were for Gavin at Tony and Guy on Chapel St and Chrissi at Masci on Bourke St. Good luck, I'm still searching!

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