BAQ Henna is Australia?

I've been looking into getting some BAQ henna but the hennaforhair site charges $30US just for shipping!!! And because don't think its reasonable to pay close to $100 AU in total for a single hair color I'm looking for decent henna in Australia. Anyone?
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I did see some henna in a health food store near me 'go vita' i think. Not sure what brand it was but they had different colours?? *shrugs* i'm clueless when it comes to henna
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Hi, I have also been looking for BAQ henna in Australia, and found this website:

I emailed them to ask about the 100% pure Henna for Hair powder, and got this reply:
"Yes, our 100% Pure Henna for Hair is body-art quality & does not contain
any other ingredient such as metallic salts or synthetics, this also
allows you to apply it over the top of peroxide & chemical colours or vice
I have emailed them again to ask about their pre-blended herbal hair colours, but haven't heard back yet. So I haven't tried their products yet, but I'm keen to. Hope that helps.

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