Australian Cone Free Conditioners

hey everyone,
i was doing a ingredients search on google (having allergy issues with products) and came across this thread on longhair forums, so i thought I'd share.

thanks to Liluri we now have a go to list of cone free conditioners available here

check it out here
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Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
Hi there

Haven't been here for ages. Read what you wrote about allergies and wanted to tell you about a poo/condish that I have just found out about - Moogoo. Looks CG to me. It is supposed to be great for any sort of scalp issue. They have a website. Is available online and from some health food shops.


OOOH thank you so much! The moogoo looks awesome haha. In a magazine I bought it said it helps people with sensitive skin, allergies and eczema too. It also says it smells like a vanilla milk shake lol

I live near warwick so I might pick up some maybe?
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I picked some shampoo up today. Hopefully it does as claimed as I hate having an itchy head.
hi feral curls,
I'm thinking it may be the red colouring in some products - but I'm not exactly sure. I'd love to know how you go with the moogoo. I too hate being itchy!
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.
So far it is not good. Have had a really burny, itchy scalp. Have used it twice. There is obviously something in there that I am allergic to. Also felt quite harsh on my hair. Hair had that squeaky feeling. Don't know why I don't just stick to Mastey! Just a product junkie I guess.

ETA: Just did a bit of research and I reckon it might be Glycerin that is causing my problems. Think I can cope ok with smaller amounts but this shampoo uses it as its main cleanser.

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I have psoriasis on my scalp and used both the poo and cond years ago. I was disappointed with them both - didn't help my scalp and didn't make my hair feel or behave any better. They've lots of milk protein which I thought was the problem for me but if they've glycerin aswell, that wouldn't be helping either.
3b in South Australia.
Thanks feralcurls and starmie for your feedback on the moogoo. I picked up some of the msm anti irritant moisturizer cream (not sure on name). It seems to be helping my skin a bit, it's less itchy. I put some on my scalp overnight and it was much better the day following but as soon as i washed it again it was back to being itchy.

my hair doens't fair well with glycerin but pretty well with protein as far as i know. So maybe I'll give it a miss.
2 something Australian

Aiming to grow hair to waist from buzz cut - slowly but surely.

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