My Letter to Herbal Essences....

Curlywurlygurly - I'm just rotating my routine. I don't really have a set regime as of yet, just experimenting with anything and everything, so yes I still use it sometimes.

Whatsercurl - I know! Even though I'm going to take into account that the silicones they use do pose as heat defense, to be completely honest, they definitely don't have the full scoop on the ingredients (compared to some of the members & admins here).

I've come across some companies that raise an eyebrow when you ask them about the ingredients they use - it's not like when we make our homemade DTs etc that we just throw any ingredient into the mix and hope for the best. We know our stuff.

And no, they didn't send any coupons or anything. Oh well

Sorry about the rambling
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Huh. Well, the responses could have been worse. Or non-existent. But way to push them to answer you.

You could just low-poo as needed, and not feel like you have to every week. I did that when I used Aussie Moist condish (also contains bis-amino-dimethicone) and the HE one (blue bottle).
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Yes, you're right onethousandcurls. It could have been worse, it's just that a lot of the members here know more about ingredients and the effects of them than some companies. Not all, but some.

Thanks for the suggestion btw =D I did find that the HEHH didn't built up at all in fact on my hair, but I've heard that it's good to be on the safe side and low-poo once a week. I might try out the suggestion. Thanx!
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I feel like an idiot, lol............But I emailed Clairol Herbal Essences asking about the silicones in the 'moisturising, hydrating' conditioners they have. Here is what I said:

Hi Herbal Essences,
I just wanted to email you about the ingredient in your conditioners called Bis-aminopropyl Dimethicone. Especially in Hello Hydration conditioner because I LOVE that conditioner. I have heard that non-water soluble silicones such as Bis-aminopropyl Dimethicone seal the hair with a film/barrier and block out any further moisture from being absorbed, which is crucial for us people with dry hair types. They also build up over time. Trust me I have done my research on this topic.

I know my opinion probably won't have any effect on the way you formulate your products, but on behalf of the customers with dry and dehydrated hair, would you consider eliminating silicones from your conditioners? If someone's hair is truly moisturised, it wouldn't have an artificial barrier to seal/block out more beneficial moisture from it. Thanks

AHHH!! lol, I feel stupid but I felt like I had to, I miss my HEHH condish and I don't understand how a product that is meant to be hydrating, blocks OUT the moisture from getting into the hair. I can only imagine how freaking amazing HEHH would be without the cones =o]
Originally Posted by AlannahAngel
Hey! I tried writing the same letter you did, only in there I put "most companies would say the Dimethicone would wash out, but.." And put the explanation of why it didnt and the effects. My response was:

Thank you for contacting Herbal Essences.

We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you feel about Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. Your letter will be shared with the brand managers, research scientists, quality control specialists, consumer representatives and the entire product team. We can assure you, they will take your comments seriously and include them with other consumer responses in evaluating the product.

We thank you for being a loyal customer and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to assist you.

The Herbal Essences Consumer Relations Team.

So all of you, write more letters maybe? It could work

oooh how exciting! where exactly did you send your letters?
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curlygirl1995 - Thank you for spreading the word to them Hopefully we can get more curly girls to let these guys know about their opinions on the products too Btw, their answer to you seems a little's polite and all but I hope they are honestly taking our thoughts into account....

curlywurlygurly - I just go to the Herbal Essences website and click "Contact Us". Then I just fill in the details and so on.

Btw, I'm back on using HEHH. I need to use a low-poo which is kind of a hassle, but it works. It would still be awesome though if they considered some of the ingredients that they use in their products....It would do all of us CGs and strict CGS a huge favour....

Thanks guys x
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Styler: Garnier Fructis 24-H

I know this is 5 years later, but silicones also trap and keep moisture in that barrier, so they actually can help prevent hair from drying out. They don't work for everyone, however, just like the no-silicone route doesn't work for everyone.

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