Summer Curl Care

I went CG over winter. Took a while to transition but I had these beautifully defined waves after a month or so. Now that summer is here though, my waves are looking a little limp. Defined but limp.

I am in Canberra which is crazy dry so should I be using something more moisturising? What do other CGs do in summer?

Btw, I have coarse and porous hair.
My hair is neither coarse nor porous so I'm not going to be much help. Do you use a leave-in? My hair seems so much better with than without - I always use one. My hair behaves very well in summer, I absolutely detest the heat but my hair loves it. Winter is horrible for my hair but I much prefer the cold. Can't win.
3b in South Australia.
My hair is coarse too but it is low in porosity :\ Like Starmie, I would suggest a leave-in. But you don't have to go and buy a separate leave-in, you can just use your regular condish like I do With porous hair I believe your priority is just moisture to the max for your hair type! So just keep up the moisture since you live in a dry climate, and since it's always dry, avoid humectants (honey etc). In humid/moist conditions they take moisture from the air & put it in your hair, but if there is no moisture in the air, they take it out of your hair :\

Also, if you go swimming this summer, make sure you wet your hair with fresh water and then apply conditioner to it b4 swimming, because of the chlorine/salt water!

Hope I helped xoxo
~ BIG *sexy* CURLS ~
Conditioner/Co-wash/Leave-in: Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair/Organic Instinct
Styler: Garnier Fructis 24-H

I use a wee bit of HEHH as a leave in which works nicely. Just have to be careful not to let my hair touch my back as residue cond causes bacne. Urgh.

Thanks for the humidty tip, Alannah! Will keep that in mind when I hop off to SE Asia next year to study rainforests.

This is a wacky idea but has anyone tried sorbolene for curls? I have a huuuge bottle in my cupboard and there's only so much body moisturising I can do. I know that people on the long hair forum use it...
Coarse and porous 2b-c hair
Co-wash: Alberto Balsam moisturising condish for dry/ damaged hair
Conditioner + leave in: HEHH
Styling gel: Sunsilk Curl Booster, FOTE Aloe Vera Gel
Deep treatment: Alchemy Vitamin Masque, L'oreal re-nutrition hair mask

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