Anyone using Al'chemy?

I'm considering switching to Al'chemy when I run out of my current low poo and condish as (a) they seem totally CG friendly (no sulphates! no silicones!) and (b) I adore Kev Murphy, but, goodness, it's so expensive!

Anyone else used Al'chemy? How do you find it?
Australian 2a wavy, very fine, porous, rather thin, below the shoulders and slowly growing out to bra strap length.

Daily: co-wash Ecostore Normal Hair Conditioner, rinse-out Kevin.Murphy Luxury Rinse.

Weekly: low-poo Kevin.Murphy Angel Wash, d/t Redken Real Control Mask (NOT CG - looking for a good, available in Australia, 'cone free d/t)

Style: Redken Touch Control mousse, and lots of it, SOTC with Kevin.Murphy Easy Rider, define the ends with MOP Liquid Wax
I use the avocado and calendula cond. regularly, it's one thing I always have in my cupboard and use when other purchases have failed me! I also have the unscented shampoo, I bought it for my son who has a very flaky scalp and while it didn't do much for him, I like it.
I would suggest that you don't even think about trying the leave-in though, it's one of the worst things I've ever put in my hair, one of the few that actually got binned as I couldn't even "make do" with it on ponytail days!
3b in South Australia.
I used their lemon conditioner for quite a while...and I use their Leave-in and am very happy with it
I use their unscented shampoo and it's the best sulfate-free shampoo I've ever found. It's cheap, effective and it's lasted me forever (seriously, I bought my first bottle at the end of last year and I'm only buying my second now). I've heard some complain about it being too stripping for them, though.

Starmie, what didn't you like about the leave in? I was thinking about trying it soon, but you might've just changed my mind.
Fine and thin 2C in Australia
I think, from memory, it was just really thick and kinda sticky, made my hair feel really coated and producty. I like my leave-in to make my hair feel smooth and have some slip and this just failed miserably.
3b in South Australia.

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