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Do MOP products contain sulphates or silicone? I went to a hairdresser today and was going to get them to use my products but they insisted that the MOP products are totally fine. I looked on the MOP site but I'm not really sure what products they used on me. Do you think I'm okay or should I clarify and start again? Thanks for any help.
I've used a few of their products that were cg but I don't think all of them are (I have some Glisten Drops that I use when I straighten and it's def. not cg). If you don't know what they used it's probably best to clarify.
3b in South Australia.
I've used a few of their products that are cg but as you're not sure what they used i'd clarify to be sure.
2 something Australian

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Thanks girls, that's pretty much what I thought and what I ended up doing. The products felt really bad in my hair anyway - my hair felt stringy and like straw.

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