Aussie curl friendly products - check it out

Has anyone tried Sukin hair products?

I have been using the handwash and it is great - it doesn't dry my skin out at all, they sell for about $20 for a litre bottle at my local health food store so I might get one to try.

They say they are SLS free, Does that mean they are low-poo ?

As we all probably have - I have spent a fortune on various products so just wondering if anyone has tried any before I buy yet another bottle of product.....
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I've tried their conditioner and it is amazing It smells so good and it is really moisturising. I also use their shampoo every now and then to clarify and it is really gentle. They are great!
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Cool Thanks !
3A/B - m - ii - porous

Located in Sydney Australia
I haven't tried the shampoo but I did try the conditioner and found the opposite to AlannahAngel in that it was nowhere near moisturising enough for me. It's all trial and error unfortunately.

I use a lot of their skincare products and really like them.
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think I've seen these in the health food shop, but I always put them back for one reason or another. *shrugs*
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