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detaurus 02-08-2010 03:43 AM

Cheap conditioner
Hi Guys,

Just thought id let u all know that i've found a really cheap silicone free conditioner. I've been getting it from Greg's discount chemist for $6.99 for 1lt. Its in a brown bottle & is Redken. Its 1 quite a thick cond which is good 4 me. So far i've found it 2 be pretty good. Has any1 else heard of or used it before??

curlywurlygurly 02-08-2010 05:59 AM

sounds interesting, what's it called do you remember?

detaurus 02-10-2010 01:02 AM

No i can't remember but i think its Natural or Naturally or sumthing like that & its Redmans not Redken lol

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