Corelli's Mandolin

I just finished reading Corelli's Mandolin. If anyone is interested, I wouldn't mind swapping it for some other literature/fiction type of book. I have to warn you, it starts out a little slow, but then it gets *really* good.
Interested in Stolen Lives by Malika Oufkir?
Oh, I would *love* to read that. Do you want to trade? Mine is a paperback.
Ah, mine is hardcover.

I'm going to let my mom read it before I give it away though (should take a week).

I do want to read Corelli's Mandolin though!

I thought yours might be hardcover since I haven't seen that one in paperback yet. I would love to read it, but I understand if you don't want to trade since mine is a paperback...Are there any other books that you are looking for...maybe I would have something else to swap along w/Corelli...


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